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A very well written content marketing about you and prospects would draw customers towards you. however, writing lengthy content is not advisable short, brief and complete description about your company would definitely do the trick.

3 years, 8 months ago on Using a Social FAQ to Kick Start Content Marketing


For starters who wants to make money out of blogs, think again before starting. Profits will start to come not until you are done posting numerous blogs. What every blogger needs are readers. without readers there will be no traffic. And unfortunately, no traffic means no profit. Hence, to attract readers to read your posts use a personal tone in writing and use SEO tools that will help you gain more visits.

3 years, 8 months ago on 11 Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger


I would particularly focus on how to measure your success. If you have been utilizing social media to market your products via blogging then the best indicator is not only a high traffic to your site but the actual number of readers who decided to click the "buy" button.

3 years, 8 months ago on Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps


The best technique to employ to hit a smash in social networking? - BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS! The more you get personal with people the more you hit your target! This is the best technique I've utilized since I started doing online business and it never failed me! Of course, the results aren't shown overnight but definitely it'll hit the target at the end.

3 years, 8 months ago on 5 Ways to be a Social Networking Smash