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@sombrestyles, Do we know how many corporations are still running with antiquated tools? According to almost 29% of the IE users are STILL on versions older than IE8. Does that make them ALL morons?

@tuseroni, what is the pleasure in misleading - no lying to - others? Like the pleaseure some get in creating viruses? I say throw them all in jail!

3 years, 2 months ago on The Internet Explorer IQ Hoax and the State of Tech Blogging


'get as many pageviews as possible' - the one point you are missing here is greed (or maybe just feed the family), which you are also involved in - 'Advertise on this Site' - come on. Of course, the more hits - the more income.

Most of us out here are really too busy trying to make an honest living, you know 'a days work for a days pay', to do our own research into so called news articles. If they are supposed to be funny - put them on the funny page - not commentary. And while your're at it stop the Microsoft bashing - my research says 95% of us geeks would be out of a job, or slinging hamburgers, if it wasn't for Microsoft's success!

In addition to Frederic's issue about trying to stick to the truth - I'm also tired of Tech Blogs publishing the 'SOLUTION' to some cryptic web problem only to find out the SOLUTION won't work - or is terribly outdated. It's like reading '20,000 Leagues...' as the users guide to a 'Trident II' submarine. How about a website that checks the accuracy and currency of code examples, a lot of the work could be automated, just match the syntax and run it thru current translators to see what comes out for errors...

3 years, 3 months ago on The Internet Explorer IQ Hoax and the State of Tech Blogging