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Gravel Grinder Yes! Cyclocross Bike No! Cyclocross tyres must be less than 33cm. 

Section 1.3.018 of their amendment to Title 1:

"Wheels of the bicycle may vary in diameter between 70 cm maximum and 55 cm minimum, including the tyre. For the cyclo-cross bicycle the width of the tyre (measured between the widest parts) shall not exceed 33 mm and it may not incorporate any form of spike or stud."

It looks more like a fisher Klunker than a cross bike. Which are super rad bikes. Again, not a cross bike...

1 year ago on Retrotec Takes Prize for Best Cyclocross Bike — NAHBS 2014


Definitely an interesting top tube to seat stay design with a nice flow. However, this design looks more like a Clunker MTB minus the straight/middle tube than a CX bike.

The interesting thing to me about NAHBS is the bikes don't receive a score, review or breakdown of how well they actually ride. It's sad that judging is purely based on aesthetics. When I consider a new bike purchase I definitely seek out something that looks great. Then I read reviews and try to ride one if possible.

Who knows, maybe the arched top tube provides a sweet ride and feels good when you shoulder your bike. This is what I'd like to hear from NAHBS. It'd be great if the judges got to take their favorite choices on test rides to thoroughly vet their choice. 

1 year, 1 month ago on NAHBS 2014 Award Winners


No mobile app needed, lets you heckle in *real-time* and the ghoul has been doing this for a couple years now. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Help People For Bikes Develop a Heckle App