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@ryankxlu yeah, the artice could have been : 

"Well folks, we now have another former Los Angeles Laker who is high"

STOP End of story

1 year, 6 months ago on Vlade Divac says his former team Lakers are title contenders


Don't bother trying to get what's said. There's nothing funny. The news anchor is asking questions about the game, TP keeps answering with a reference to his rap single ( TP "est dans la place", could be translated as TP is in the house) and at the end the anchor says : Ah Americans, always about the show !

1 year, 7 months ago on Video: The return of the creepy Tony Parker puppet


I always thought that it was the silouhette of Jerry West on the NBA logo !?

1 year, 7 months ago on NBA refs refute Rick Barry's claim Ray Allen traveled in NBA Finals


I don't think Mickael Pietrus is the answer for the need of a SF backup. As a french basketball fan, I have been following his recent news and it's too much of a risk to get a player like Mickael. Don't get me wrong, he's been a very good player, not a star, but he could be a very effective shooter and a really good defender. So what I'm most worry about is his health and his form. He hasn't played competitive basketball since a while and his knees are a concern. Maybe it's sufficient for a backup, i don't know, maybe he's improved, I'll just trust Pop and RC...

Concerning Bibby, I don't think it is reallistic to hope that he will be back in the nba someday, at least surely not with the Spurs.

I am pretty sure that the last spot will be free until the Spurs find someone to sign in the mid season, maybe a trade but I wouldn't bet on it.

1 year, 7 months ago on Report: Mike Bibby, Mickael Pietrus working out for Spurs


The Spurs should go after a defensive backup for Leonard. When you look at the roster, there a big hole at the (true) shooting forward (SF). Danny Green can play the position but has more shooting guard (SG) skills.

Anyway considering Leonard as the starting SF, Green playing both SF and SG positions, the roster still needs a defensive presence, allowing Popovic to rest Leonard and Green against scorers.

Bruce Bowen was probably the best fit for that matter, Richard Jefferson disappeared in the Spurs system, Stephen Jackson was not a great defender and Tracy Mcgrady was an insurance taken for the playoffs. So the team doesn't need another point guard, even for an unlikely trade that could backfire. Don't need to bet on Oden, too risky and pointless.

For my little perspective and my humble point of view, the spurs should try to see if Ronnie Brewer can still play the defense in his time with the Bulls. Of course to make the Spurs roster, one has to buy the Popovic system and have an unselfish mentality. Yet I very much see a need for a SF who's able to bring a defensive presence.

1 year, 8 months ago on Report: Spurs interested in guard Bobby Brown