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They locked the protesters inside the bank when they were trying to leave. How is that a rational response?"Please leave""No""Leave now or we'll call the cops""No, I'm a customer of this bank""Leave or I'm calling the cops""Fine, I'm leaving""No it's too late I called the cops and am now detaining you against your will for doing exactly what I asked of you, albeit in a slow and somewhat douchey manner"Yeah, that sounds completely reasonable to me. I like the fact that Eliason showed both videos but Citibank is trying to act as though they weren't in the wrong. They locked protesters into their store and even dragged protesters from outside back in. Citibank's response is so out of touch with what happened it's unbelievable. Just because Eliason showed the video of them screwing up doesn't mean they've handled the situation well. They haven't apologized for unjustly arresting their own customers or supporting the use of force on non-violent protesters. Their response so far has been lying about the situation. I've watched all the videos and spoken with people who were there on the ground, almost everything Citibank has said in statements have been lies.

3 years, 6 months ago on Social Media Nightmare: Citibank “Has Customers Arrested.” Video Goes Viral. Now What?