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"I knew I wasn’t running hard to enough to have that serious of an injury, so I needed to try new tactics: The solution ended up being three-fold: Hardcore icing, new shoes and treadmills."

I've been running since I was in Junior High so maybe I just gloss over this but you really shouldn't be hurting that much. I think if you are icing on a regular basis I'd see about having your mechanics evaluated and getting some new shoes.

"The key here is to order from Zappos for their free shipping both ways. I ended buying all 3 types of shoes in different sizes until I found the combination that worked for me."

You probably don't know enough to pick your own shoes. Get somebody who does to help you. Fleet Feet does okay. It is hard to see yourself run and see what is going wrong.

"my foot got a little hotter than usual and I sweat in the shoe. When you aren’t wearing socks, sweating in your shoes is a big deal because it creates irritation and friction which can result in blisters."

Hopefully you are not wearing cotton socks. There are plenty of good socks (e.g. drymax) that should keep your feet from doing this. $10/pair seems expensive but it is worth it.

" I don’t understand how people run in those armbands. I tried one once and had to pull it really tight in order to keep it secure, which ended up cutting off blood circulation."

I thought this initially but realized that once you sweat a little these can be really loose and they mostly stick on. Your warm up should be enough to make this happen.

3 years, 6 months ago on Dealing with Blisters, Avoiding Ankle Pain and Other Lessons From My Second 5k Race