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Makes sense to me.  I've advocated for years that unless you can agree on a definition of cloud computing your conversation can get confusing and unproductive.  The NIST definition of cloud computing is a good starting place since it is vendor neutral and NIST is a respected organization. Coming up with an easy to remember 5-3-2 makes it easy to recall the elements of the NIST definition. So, if you ever find yourself speaking with someone who either thinks you can define cloud computing anyway you want or there  is no definition of cloud computing, just repeat 5-3-2 and make them go away.

1 year, 6 months ago on The 5-3-2 Principle Of Cloud Computing: An Easier Approach


Interesting to see that Google has yet to create their own platform and get that ecosystem thing working for them. With competitors like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and all using platforms to build their developer ecosystems, it was shocking to see the lack of appreciation for creating a platform at Google that any 3rd party developer can plug into. Well, I guess if search is your business, maybe the idea of creating a platform for everything to plug into might not have seemed obvious, but shouldn't we have expected more from a company that was built on questioning the status quo? Hey, aren't the smartest "guys" out there working at Google?<g>

3 years ago on Google Engineer Accidently Shares His Internal Memo About Google + Platform