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1. Make student tickets "free" again.    (the activities fee was supposed to include tickets)

2. Improve cell phone reception AND add wifi  (I don't use my phone nearly as much as an 18 year old but I sill want to send a text during a game sometimes or check other scores)

3. Serve BEER!    make it somewhat reasonably priced too.  most people might only have 1 each half.  That 1 in the second half though is crucial, if you are ready for one in the third quarter but can't get one, you are likely to leave early if playing an uninteresting game.  Serving beer would also solve another problem (this is where the price comes in), younger fans.  Students and recent graduates, tend to binge a few right before going in the game to try and get them through the game.  If they know they can have some during the game they may cut back on the binge just before. I know I would have. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Schools’ Greed Damaging The Future Of College Football


While I think Tennessee removing seats may have something to do with the drop since 98. I would also remind you that UT had something much better to watch in 1998 than it did from 2009-2012.

1 year, 8 months ago on SEC Football Attendance Declines For Three Straight Years, But…