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Great stuff, I really like this post :)

It lets you know who you are by writing out your personal Olympic symbol.

I took out a piece of paper right away and put down these 3:

Michael Jackson (the Grandaddy of dance), Gandhi (mr. open up the world) and Brad Pitt (crisp sexy-success).

Looks like a tool for people who have trouble "finding their voice" in their craft of choice. Looking forward to the E-course Jason!

3 years, 2 months ago on Know Who Influences You And Why


Jonathan! I've read your post on the mastermind 10-15 people (the only way to get coaching from you), and I get the feeling you must already have friends in your mastermind who are capable of doing this, on a smaller scale and willing and ready to do it on a volunteer basis. So you could technically set up a half dozen of the same thing you are asking for pay, but free or less cost on a private forums with less accessibility to yourself (you would give the possibility of this, but no guarantee).

This will help you in the long run as this initial mastermind finishes and moves on, and you will if desired have a field of top picks within each of your smaller communities to choose from to graduate into the main mastermind group with you leading it.

And I get the feeling I could introduce a few people into this community(ies) :)

3 years, 6 months ago on Environment vs. Willpower


This post really opened my eyes. I am a 27 year old male street style dancer that has done a few things these past 2 years. I only started dance last year, and a month into it, I taught at 2 different children's places, then went on to make videos (which I deleted because I compared myself to others), taught at dance studios and performed for some of the biggest local names, and performed in some big theatre events but never once was I really deeply appreciative of the experiences because of the guilt you mention here.

That "not enough" feeling, but I know if I've given my all, push my limits past old comfort zones and been the best that I could be at the time. Even now I know the resistance to let go of the guilt of not being good enough to have it is fading (not completely gone), and paradoxically I feel it's leading to greater abundance for myself and the people around me.

Helluva post Jonathan. Thank you, really grateful for it.

3 years, 6 months ago on Being Vulnerable (not an ordinary post)


**So maybe it’s not the lack of limits that we’re seeking. Maybe we simply want to choose how we create our own limits, on our own terms.**This comment really spoke to me, and I intend to offer the right words of praise here for it: "Yea! I like this post lots. Like a kid who's in a toystore, we already know what we like and what it means is to be ourselves on ever deeper levels no matter who we become, cuz we're growing so fast, we gotta SPIRAL with ourselves, with our hearts, body and mind ------- together ------- with our higher self/soul, to catch up to each other."I found it interesting what was inspired was my own twist and understanding of what you wrote instead of how I usually talk. But that just means I'm growing. I found this place after all. Thanks Jason @ for introducing this website to me.

3 years, 6 months ago on Why Quitting Your Job Won't Solve All Your Problems