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Something else that is often ignored in articles like this are the infrastructure tools that make a business efficient, professional and successful.  Things as simple as hosting services and conference bridge services can make the difference between a credible company and one that seems unstable.   For example,  we got burned with using a free conference service when we were told well after the fact that we lost a bid for a high-profile project due to the fact that we sounded amateurish.  After hearing that, we bit the bullet and went for one of the new low-cost, full featured services that allows you to record your own conference message with their professional voice talent( and moved our web and server hosting to a more reputable cloud provider (  Cover all of  your bases!

1 year, 8 months ago on Want to start up your startup? Foundersuite’s tools pull it all together


We have found that the pair of (free) combined with is an awesome combination. Almost free, but your line doesn't reveal that you're on a shoestring budget living the startup dream!

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I've got a small group of media and entertainment consultants. We're looking for an affordable conference bridge service. We steering away from free because of the lack of professionalism it appears to make your company appear to have. I've heard a lot about Branded Bridge Line ( ) as one of the new up and coming services that's part of this new wave of conference bridge services but wondered if anyone knows how their price and features compares to some of the others like Intercall and Fuzebox? The goal for our company is to present ourselves in the most professional light and liked the professional voice talent option of Branded. Thanks!

1 year, 8 months ago on 20 tools to grow your business & get more productive