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@Evilkitty @KimbakatDesign @zook I don't mind the train noise either. I actually like the rocking and rolling. Very soothing BUT doing the Northeast down to Florida, it's so annoying with people getting up at 2am-5am moving inbetween the cars or getting off at stops in the middle of the night. The doors are so loud. That is why they should put passengers that are getting off on the same stops in the same car so that people getting off at stops between 1 am and 6am aren't disturbing sleepers. Train cars should be seated according to location drop off...making long-term travelers more comfortable..versus the people just going 4-10 hours trips. Keep those seats the way they are for the short traveler..but develop new cars for those overnighters/sitters, installing the lazy boy chair with softer/deeper padding that also convert to sleepers (reclining more flat)...just like they have in the new AMC theatres would incentivize more long term travelers.

1 year, 2 months ago on Roomette with a View (or Two)


I will never be able to afford these sleeper rooms. They should just make all the cars have just sleepers and then a couple of assigned community cars that look like living rooms with tons of couches and recliners chairs just like they have in the AMC theatres now (84st and Broadway). Now I could spend 2 full days in those seats!!!  The coach seats on Amtrak are so uncomfortable..even if they do have the leg rests...the backs just dont go down enough to spend hours in.

1 year, 2 months ago on Inside a Long-Distance Train Bedroom