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As a Facebook User who had it since it was called THE Facebook and it was only for .EDU account users. This Facebook is really dumb. The old Facebook was more for people to interact and help each other out with classes and job search, and maybe hook up. Now it's nothing but people posting constant pictures of their kids life, posting pictures of what they will eat, Stocking old flames, pointless status updates, cyber bullying, and more... as if I care. I am not fooled and people who say the new timeline is great... like the guys says, you need to live your life.

This is not a timeline of your life, but more of a timeline of your social networking history.

Of course I don't post anything I don't want up their, however I only log on to my facebook every 3 months for 10 min and that is it. There is nothing new on Facebook to actually care about anymore. I am now more on Twitter and I am trying G+ now.

3 years, 6 months ago on Sorry Facebook, But That Stuff I Share on Your Site is Not the "Story of My Life"