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@sefy76 @Contrabardus Just one point about Superman not killing Zod from your POV.

THAT SCENE IS NOT IN THE MOVIE. I don't care why it's a deleted scene; something lost because of the Donner/Lester switch, if it was just cut for time, or whatever. The movie, as presented to the audience, depicts Superman killing Zod and being flippant about it. At least in MOS the killing was seemingly unavoidable and in a "back-to-the-wall" moment for Kal-El.

That's the thing about movies. Unlike comic books, where every side-story imaginable has been written and fleshed out, the movie is what is presented to you and nothing more. Sure, movies reference other films (sequels, The Avengers, Gotham Tonight segments, hell even tie-in comics) to enrich the film-verse, but never will you see a film go "Oh, major plot point? It was deleted, but still has an impact on the story. Trust us."

Superman dropped Zod into an abyss at the North Pole and was never depicted pulling them out for arrest. Therefore, it is impossible to draw the conclusion that they are alive, unless you just WANT them to be.

And to the point of Kal-El killing Zod in MOS. Explain to me how retreating and regrouping would have stopped Zod from using the gravity weapon, or, once that was destroyed, from moving on to exterminate all of humanity by his own hand. Tell me when Kal could have left to go regroup, to have Zod chase him down. There is no such moment in MOS.

Stamp's Zod has no plans to revive Krypton; merely to rule the Earth with his new powers. Superman is the only threat to him, so of course he follows, leaving the weak humans alone.

I get the dismay at the amount of collateral damage Kal-El "allowed" in the movie. Given that stopping to catch a building falling on one group of people would have allowed Zod to go and drop other buildings, or even worse, attack Kal-El mid-save (surely killing everyone in the process); WHEN could he have been that hero?

1 year, 9 months ago on Why Man of Steel is receiving bad reviews and the public loves this Superman