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Modesty is never part of any corporate rah rah event. That said ESPN has had a what 30 year headstart on building the brand, so it's like an adult picking on a child. They are the cash cow for Disney no doubt about it, and though people love to "hate" on the self professed WWL, no one can dispute the numbers they rake in.

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@Gossamer hated on by and yet still watched by most sports fans, reported on every minute of broadcasting by blogs like this by a reporter who make his living pointing out nonsense like this which is not worth reporting, and then commented on by idiots like you (and I). What's the mystery?

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Give FS1 time. It will draw better numbers with better games. Maybe not Duke, UNC type numbers, thats a given, but with Louisville and a return to prominance for Georgetown and UConn will help. All it takes is one must see player in the leauge and fortiunes will change.

As far as the other programming, they need to blow-up most of the shows on. Too much non-sense and no talents. PTI is still a winner and ATH is tolarble. I still like that Beadle just returned to. For me SC depends on the anchors but it still seems more complete than FSL which is like nails on a blackboard with those two idiots Dan and Jay and their often forced comedic act.The guys on when the Jay and Dan are off are even worse....

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@GoalieLax Your comment is hyperbole and best and naitivity at worst. Back it up with facts

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