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Sounds good but how to add 30% off , Is there any coupon code ?

6 days, 7 hours ago on iBlogPro 6: Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Meets Apple


I have Dev DMS 1.X what will be after upgrading to DMS 2 ?

I have now DMS with PageLines Club Membership Should I pay to buy Developer CLUB-MEMBERSHIP ?

If I wont to buy Developer CLUB-MEMBERSHIP I should pay 199$ and then pay 30$/Mon for lifetime with out paying again 199$

3 months, 3 weeks ago on DMS 2 is here!


is there any difference between  STAND-ALONE and  CLUB-MEMBERSHIP ?

If I would like to get dev plan should I choose STAND-ALONE Dev then choose  CLUB-MEMBERSHIP Dev and then pay 30$/Mon

Please can you explain the prices 

3 months, 4 weeks ago on New packages and pricing.


@arpowers @mustafakadhem  Can I download all of them ? and for who give a product every month?

4 months ago on New packages and pricing.



for Club Subscription Can you give us the money of product as a karma points to able us to buy any product we do not have .

In other words every month give us some Karma points Instead of the product. by this way we can buy any product we need.

What do you think ?

4 months ago on New packages and pricing.


Thanks a lot for all this hard work , We are support you 

12 months ago on Coming back online…