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This goes far deeper to public economic policy. Locking our platforms into silos is today's form of monopolies. It prevents others from contributing value to the economy.

The problem is that the value of a platform doesn't necessarily accrue to the platform provider but to society. Case in point – when we decoupled software from IBMs hardware the value of the hardware greatly increased but it didn’t necessarily benefit IBM.

So I can understand why companies are cautious about sharing. Google does share access to Google Maps because they have other ways to monetize but they don’t share completely.

This is why I’m focused on telecom these days – it’s a stark and actionable example because we can contrast it to what the Internet has shown us about the power of an infrastructure approach. Too bad we are still confusing the two as I explain in

3 years, 6 months ago on Google Engineer Accidently Shares His Internal Memo About Google + Platform