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I grew up on rugby, but also have watched NFL since childhood. The biggest challenge for him (or any convert) is not so much the physicality or the fitness side. Rugby is very much non stop running and rucking for 80 minutes, there is no offense or defense team, there is no breather or bench time unless you are injured. The biggest challenge would be reading the playbook and terminologies and trying to make sense of them. What is play action? What is man or zone coverage? What is a blitz, nickle formation, man in motion etc? Carrying a pen and paper to training will be more important than what he does in the gym. When it comes to tackling or physical side of things, that is more natural, he can still hit a running back around the ribs and force a fumble. But reading the play, positioning and anticipation will be very difficult. But I do hope he goes well.

1 year, 8 months ago on Colts Roster Update: Goodbye Weslye Saunders, Hello Daniel Adongo