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@sefy76 @Contrabardus  First off, stop referring to it as POS. If you want a respectful argument then be respectful...

It doesn't matter what the Donner cut was. What matters is what the majority of people saw when it was released and in that release, Superman kills Zod. Not everyone rushed out and bought the Donner cut. 

I always thought that was stupid that in SM2 he leaves the city to try and lure them away. They already figured out he cared for the people and he just leaves them? What if Zod and company decided that since he's not there to stop them then it's rampage time?

Yeah I don't think Superman was hitting Zod softly in SM2... I think that's just as fast as the wires holding up could move. If you're fighting a Kryptonian, a "hard smash" is the only thing that has a chance of disorienting them. Sorry, but no....

Comics: Yeah.... everything you just said is why he took care of Zod like he did... to PREVENT the mass murder of the entire world. He was the only one that could stop him. The military was proved useless and Kryptonite wasn't there.

The only reason the Donner movies "stood the test of time" was because those were the only superman movies we got for 35 years! Of course everyones going to love them. The only other on screen option was Lois and Clark and TAS. 

MoS lost number 1 after a week, yes. But only because the following week had two fairly big movies coming out; Monsters University and World War Z. Two very much anticipated movies. People wanted to see all three of these films and once they saw MoS they just went to see the others. It's as simple as that.

The character of superman in MoS was pretty true to what he is; an alien trying to fit in in an adoptive world that may or may not accept him. This wasn't even explored in the Donner films. People just accepted him like he was a new neighbor.

Total lack of care? If he didn't care for the people why did he bother fighting Zod at all then? Why not just join him?  Coldness? Killing Zod was probably one of the hardest things he had to do. That's why he broke down and wept. He knew he would be the last of his kind but he couldn't just let him murder innocent lives. It's not like he set out to kill him. The whole plan was to put them all back into the Phantom Zone.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the donner films. I grew up with them. I watched them many time with my brother as kids. I hung towels on my back and ran around with my arms out pretending to fly. It was great for me.... as a kid. I just think this movie is great for me as an adult. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Why Man of Steel is receiving bad reviews and the public loves this Superman