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Invoices for January to June 2015 dues were emailed to members earlier this week (thank you Cynthia, for getting those out amidst your busy schedule!)  If you have not already done so, please send in payment BY NOVEMBER 8th.  Thank you to the members who have already sent in payment !!

For those who will not be renewing their membership, please send a message to: BY NOVEMBER 8th to officially state your withdrawal from the Club (effective 1/1/15.)  New process by Rotary International means that the Club will be billed (for dues) for all existing members as of November. Thus, members who withdraw after Rotary International sends us the (January-June) dues billing will still be responsible for paying the dues, as our Club will need to remit dues to Rotary International.  (Hope that explanation makes sense.)



Administrative Committee Chair

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@CAPSUN Thanks Capsun.  It's not all me, though, I worked with Cynthia.  She tracked and I tracked and we would check with each other.  I just happen to be the one with "voice" when it came to reminding people.  :-)

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Aloha Members -

Wanted to give everyone a little heads up - I will be resigning my from Administrative Committee Chair position.  Original effective date was going to be January 1st, but it might be sooner.

Please consider taking on this role. Per the Club's Bylaws, the Administrative Committee "should conduct activities associated with the effective operation of the club.".  A very vague and general description, I know, so here's some specifics of what I have been doing as Administrative Committee Chair (a Committee that basically consisted of me and Cynthia/Treasurer):

1) worked with the Treasurer so that there was a two-party system when handling money/checks/financial transactions; i tracked funds received by check (dues payments, donations) and deposited them to the bank account; reported deposits to treasurer; wrote checks (but is NOT a signer) and then gave checks to one of the authorized account signers; scanned checks and uploaded to Google Docs for Treasurer to see; dues are paid twice a year and checks are generally twice a year (payments to Rotary International and Rotary District 5000)

2) calculated and completed the SARs form, which determines how much the club owes to Rotary International and Rotary District 5000; ensured that payments were made

3) tracked membership/members joining and leaving

4) filed G.E. tax returns (twice a year)

5) completed and submitted Business Annual Fling with DCCA  (October)

6) Filing annual Form 990-N (Tax Return) with the IRS (but since our Club activity is so minimal, the filing is relatively easy and done online)  (November)

7) Tried to share community service opportunities that I was aware of as a resource to members who may have been seeking projects.

There were some other things that needed to be done when the Club was first chartered, like getting a Tax I.D. number and applying for a Registration Exemption from the State, but these should have been one-time occurrences that will most likely not have to be dealt with again.

Some of these duties might be able to be shifted to the Finance Committee down the road, when the Club is larger and there are more members on the committees. But, being that until now the Finance Committee was pretty much made up of just Cynthia, Russ (President 2012-2014), and myself, it really didn't matter under which committee the duties were assigned to.

The Administrative Committee Chair position is also a Director position and is a member of the Club's "Board".

If you are interested in being the Administrative Committee Chair, please let Garry (@gyee) know.  Per the Bylaws, vacancies in the Board are filled by "action of the remaining directors." 


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@Gigaisland in regards to the prospective members, are you sponsoring Courtlin and is @garryyee sponsoring Ben?

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Again, another week of great articles!  Thanks to all of the contributors for taking the time to share your experiences and knowledge.

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@CAPSUN NOT something you say when The Wife can read it too... ;-)  @Melissa808 @ParkRat

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Until now, I have stayed out of posting my opinions on FB or Twitter or anywhere online, though my spouse has heard some of my thoughts.  But, I just had to write to say that I agree with all of the points you make in your article!  One of those comments that I had made in private was that some of the reactions that I've seen posted online give a far worse impression of Hawaii residents than anything Mr. Caan had said in this interview.  Mahalo for your thoughts Myong! And I hope many read your article and think twice.

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 @Melissa808 Ah. Probably.  Tiki and all right there.

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 @Melissa808  I actually watched the HawaiiIRL interview first.  I saw @wedgelee's post on FB  and was compelled to click on the link . . . cc: @parkrat 

2 years ago on Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Nightmares Live


Why is there a water-flowing noise ?

2 years ago on Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Nightmares Live


 @MyongChoi Well, it was refreshing to me because (in my opinion) sometimes it's very dangerous (for the speaker) to say anything negative about a show that is locally produced.


I would not call myself a huge fan of the show, but I am a fan of the actors and for their sake, I would like to see the show succeed.

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I find your honesty very refreshing.

2 years ago on ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Kanalua’


@ricknakama @StarletShay @rickyli99 @worldwideed @megsdrivein @kellinakama - how in the world did u eat all of that food at Ola is Life?

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