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But Ms. Banerjee is such a player that she never accept her defeat after being miserably defeated. She is now afraid of facing the reporters. She is now busy to prepare a new script for a new drama. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Game Over Didi: It’s Check and Check-Mate


You have beutifully narrated the menace of fascism in the threat given by hon'ble CM. Few days back similar threat was heard from hon'ble Finance Minister of our state about functioning of banks. He told 'sobaike dekhe nobo, sob bank gulo ke black listed kore dobo'. I think many people including FB users have noticed these in TV and in News Papers. However, Ms. Banerjee wants communication should be in one way, from her only. She clearly told that the detractors should keep mum at least for ten years.But communication is part of the very fabric of society. It takes place at all levels between peoples and between institutions, from government to people, from people back to government (not one way as desired by Ms Banerjee), and through many channels both inter-personal and mediated. It creates a common pool of ideas, strengthens the feeling of togetherness through exchange of messages and translates thought into action. Hon'ble CM has realised it very well and, therefore, she is affraid of FB. Communication through FB should continue. Carry on, Soumya.

3 years, 6 months ago on Facebook Users Beware: Every Post you Make, Didi’s Watching


The facts are well knitted and well written. This can be considered as a document for introspection and future guidance. However, without diluting your pin-pointed observations, some more areas could have been discussed. (i) The involvement of outside power(s) cannot be ruled out to dis-stabilise the LF government which may not be proved right now but it was seen immediately after last Parliament election in the process of formation of UPA II Government. The foreign power and big business houses took active role in the process. (ii) The sources of huge amount of money spent by TMC in last few elections. (iii) The terror created by print and electronic media.(iv) The rampant use of paid news etc.

3 years, 6 months ago on M for Mamata, M for Myth: How Long will the Honeymoon Last?