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Thanks for including MLT Creative among your examples. I wish I could say we have it all figured out but we don't. It's what we are learning from our investment in content marketing that makes it worthwhile and the results are both measurable and meaningful.

I'm no fan of wasting time and wouldn't keep investing as we do in content marketing if it wasn't paying off. The best reward is a more connected, informed and engaged staff. Next is our ability to speak from experience and personal conviction when consulting clients on their content development and implementation. New business is not at the top of our list but we've seen plenty of positive proof there as well.

There's a line of yours I now use (with full credit of course) anytime I'm speaking with a client or group about social media or the topic of inbound - "If you don't love social media, you will suck at social media".

That relates to any agency effort related to Content Marketing. Once you start, you will never be finished so learn to love it. And never stop learning.

Thanks for your friendship Jay!


3 years, 2 months ago on The 6 Lifelong Laws of Content Marketing for Agencies


Thanks Aaron, I noticed that Jay Baer ( @jaybaer ) blogged about Buffer today. I need to check it out. I don't think about my Klout score until I get one of those emails letting me know it's been updated. I must admit it bothers me when I see that it has dropped several points. Not sure why, but it does. I need to find bigger things to think about!

3 years, 6 months ago on 6 Unofficial Ways to Increase Your Klout Score