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GOLD, Please make it a GOLD Arena! Does anyone know how to get through to the designers of this project? I love the ideas and concepts and renderings of the current plan, EXCEPT, that it should be GOLD instead of SILVER.  

GOLD is much more Iconic than Silver. GOLD is the color and precious metal of Kings. GOLD is the color befitting a State Capitol. GOLD is the the reason Sacramento exists... California GOLD Rush?

So, Please, Anyone who has any contact with the designers or decision makers in this Arena project, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE educate them that their plans are beautiful, functional, and spectacular, but the color needs to be GOLD to befit KINGS of Sacramento.

1 year, 2 months ago on More renderings of new Sacramento Kings arena released


Wonder if Big Cuz might consider a slightly lower offer to give his team flexibility in the future. Kevin Durant regretted his Max contract limiting his team... even looked into altering it so they could sign more players...

1 year, 6 months ago on Report: Sacramento Kings and DeMarcus Cousins moving towards max extension


@mbshults @DocYogi   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea of reduced rate for Kids!!!

If purchasers had to sign up and show they were a family to get the discount, this would make it much more difficult for Scalpers to consume lower cost tickets!!! Great idea!!!!

1 year, 7 months ago on Sunday Musings: The Organic Rebuild of the Sacramento Kings


Thank you James Ham for your wonderful work for the Kings fans!!!  You are a brilliant writer, but sometimes your inexperience causes you to misunderstand reality a bit. You idea of remembering the family fan base is fabulous, but your concept of how to help them is naive.  

If the Ticket prices are cheap, but the market is strong, families will not get those tickets, Scalpers will buy them all in the first minutes they are available. The Market determines the price at the door, not the corporate owners.

I've repeatedly watched many "Well-Meaning" entertainers go back to their home towns or to a place where they want to help for some project, offer a concert at very low prices, only to find out later that those fans still paid the market rate since there are always business people (scalpers) who know when there is an opportunity to profit. 

The fan base can be remembered, but the market will always control those ticket prices. Perhaps looking for ways to give more tickets away to poor children who would never be able to come to a Kings game at any price might be the way to cultivate a new generation of Kings fans?

1 year, 7 months ago on Sunday Musings: The Organic Rebuild of the Sacramento Kings


James Ham, I greatly appreciate you keeping Cowbell Kingdom active and updated for Kings fans everywhere!  But, please keep the focus on basketball and not on Fox News scandal tabloid perspective... Kings fans do not need to be fed or tainted by national media and hype.

DeMarcus Cousins last USA Basketball outing was incredible and superb: He had Kobe and LeBron lobbying to have him as a rotational player on the Olympic Team. When the leaders of basketball in the world are going out of their way to lobby for you, that is the highest sign of respect!!!!

 Just because Jerry Colangelo didn't go along with the players assessment, in no way can anyone call that a "complete disaster"!!!

This is not not New York. Players in Sacramento are part of our Family! We protect them and look out for them and do not feed "Hype" to make a splash.  Even the wording of your poll was completely tainted! How about:

1. Will DeMarcus Cousins be the USA Basketball MVP? 

2. Will DeMarcus Cousins be a Starter on USA Basketball?

3. Will DeMarcus Cousins make the USA Team?

4. Will DeMarcus Cousins be cut from the USA Team?

1 year, 9 months ago on Poll: Can DeMarcus Cousins turn the page with Team USA?