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And to think that CNN put out breaking news that Bubba 'narrowly' won.  CNN.  That is all.

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@mstockslager7 And ESPNEWS didn't have a poor name for a show back when they had 'Pregame'?

1 week, 5 days ago on


@dwd3885 I'm sure he told his bosses that he's retiring well prior, and that's why they had that package ready to roll.  Letterman also told his boss he's on route to retiring before he revealed the news.

As for anyone else, who knows who did and who didn't prior to broadcast.  We know some did (the ones that had to know), but we don't know if everyone did.

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Ravech/Reali is a tough one.  So is Wingo/Ponder.  MAN...

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