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Not saying Neal and Blair were better, but I feel like I'm the only Spurs fan not impressed with those two additions. When you're role players, you better bring one thing to the game that is elite. Danny's 3 point shooting. Kawhi's defense. Bonner's 3 shooting. Diaw's passing. 

Marco and Ayers doesn't seem to have those traits. 

Yes, Marco handles the ball better than Gary Neal and a better passer. Gary, arguably is the better shooter/scorer, albeit with a worse shot selection. But on this team, come playoff time, it's not like we'll start letting Marco create. When each and every possession becomes crucial, it'll go to Duncan, Parker, Manu, and Kawhi before it gets to anyone else. 

Same with Ayers. All the things he does is average. You can call him solid, but he doesn't do anything that can be considered elite, or even above average. He runs the floor well, but hasn't shown to be a great finisher. Has a midrange jumper, but not one you would consider automatic. He hustles, but hasn't shown to be a great rebounder/shotblocker/steals or things like that. I call him decent. Not solid.

I expect them to contribute during the regular season. My hunch says Bonner will eventually beat out Ayers because he brings an elite skill to the team. None of our bigs can stretch the floor like Bonner. And despite Gary Neal's flaws, 50% of the time, he gives us a huge scoring spark. Marco never was a scorer and I'm not really sure where he'll make this mark on this team.

1 year, 5 months ago on Spurs Season Preview: New Additions Looking to Strengthen the Bench


You got to be kidding me Jeff. You must not watch the game at all.


By third quarter, France was still down 15 points. It was when Diaw and De Colo got out of the game that France made their comeback. Diawara and Westermann lead the come back. Diaw came back late in the 4th quarter after Diawara was fouled out after being called for a double foul. But to say De Colo and Diaw lead the comeback, that's straight up bullshit.

2 years, 9 months ago on Diaw, De Colo lead France in comeback vs. Great Britain | July