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<p>Rocking the Revolution – Press Release (upcoming free events)</p>
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<p>Now, Although the names of most of the HEADLINING MUSICIANS/ARTISTS are still under wraps, we are overjoyed that  LEGENDARY HIP HOP RECORDING ARTIST KRS-ONE has confirmed to be on a majority of the ROCK THE REVOLUTION dates,  and we already know that the likes of Europa, Rise, Concise and Krookid, Jordan Page, Rothbard, J.D. Nero, The Voice of Independence, Billy Blaze and Per Capita will be performing as well . Some of the acts will be accompanying the tour from start to finish. Others will be playing in their home regions.</p>
<p>Throughout history, music has been at the core of massive cultural and political change, and it has been at its most powerful in defense or celebration of humanity’s highest ideals, such as Peace in the ‘60s, the End of Hunger in the ‘80s (remember Bob Geldoff’s Band Aid?), and now, in 2011, Liberty.</p>
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