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Great blog post, Jay. I'm studying Social Media with @dr4ward at @NewhouseSU and I just subscribed to your blog. In class we often talk about the crazy pace of the tools, and oftentimes my professor's lesson plan has to change because Google or Facebook or another site added something new, again, for the third time in a week. As I'm trying to jump into this whirlwind of social conversation, I agree, it's frustrating trying to keep up. It discourages people who are curious, but too busy to learn. The fact that college students, like me, who've grown up with the tools and improve our studies by using them, still need a class to understand it, testifies to the truth that it's all just a bit too overwhelming.

Consider following me @alliemwerner and my class's Hashtag #NewhouseSM4

P.S. Love the title of your post - It totally drew me in!

3 years, 6 months ago on Social Media Success is About the Wizard, Not the Wand