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I am watching the Blackhawks/Rangers game and it is almost more than I can bear. It would seem the Hawks are an afterthought in the "Rangers" game.

NBC rivals ESPN in their East Coast bias, no matter the sport.

We have to suffer the excited utterances in praise of any opponent and if our team has any success it is only that we are fortunate to have navigated our opponents superb defense.

While an announcer like Mr. Emrick does not win or lose a game, they can suck the joy out of watching for the fans of anyone but an Eastern team.

This choice of announcer also reflects the contempt in which we in the rest of the country are held by NBC (and ESPN).

1 year, 3 months ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon


To listen to Emerick, you'll never know Boston had an opponent, he commented on the Boston offense and the Boston defense, the Hawks were an afterthought. You would think that he was the Bruins home announcer.

As an aside, I thought these people were to act as reporters, not provacateurs,as in Pierre McGuire's interview of Chiarra when asking for his response to the Hawks allegedly saying they had worn him down.

NBC's choice of announcers certainly tainted the playoffs for Chicago fans.


1 year, 9 months ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon