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I think Butler will get significant time at slot corner this season, and could be a great rotational piece. As for the CB position in general, ideally we'd have more depth behind two admittedly injury- prone players, but I don't see Grigson making another big move before the season opener. It would be awesome if we could grow up some of the guys who are fighting for a roster spot, but that takes time and coaching resources the Colts may not have. I think the biggest factor for this group is going to be how much of a pass rush is generated by the front seven and how effective Landry is at stopping the run. With Werner and Mathis meeting at the QB and Laron sniffing around in the box, other offenses should feel some heat and force some decisions, resulting in big plays from a secondary with potential. It all comes down to how the defense works as a whole, though. I couldn't be more excited to see Pagano's schemes come to fruition, especially with all these new pieces in place.

1 year, 9 months ago on Indy Cornerbacks: Positional Preview