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Sounds legit!that would cum in handy

11 months, 1 week ago on Spurs among teams to test latest technology


I'd rock those!!hell yea I mean TP9's the best PG in the NBA!!!where could I get a pair of those classics!?:)

11 months, 4 weeks ago on Photo: A look at Parker's signature PEAK sneakers


Not "The best",One of the best.he ranks up there in athleticism of course.

12 months ago on Derrick Rose Declares Himself to be NBA’s Best Player


Yea sir!!!i mean 10 points a game cums in handy especially if he's fast with the ball

1 year ago on Ryan Gomes says he worked out for Spurs


Idk Nando,Green,Manu and Belinelli??Sounds to me like the spurs might have to much on their hands.

1 year ago on Spurs experimenting with Nando De Colo at shooting guard