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@gravey94 Stopping the kicking motion isn't in the name of competitive balance. Thats entirely about player safety. As a defenseman, ive had my face on the ice in the crease a number of times. I appreciate not getting kicked in the chin by a razor sharp skate blade. 

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I couldn't help but notice how many post 94' highlights dubi was in. Damn I miss that guy!!

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Im kinda surprised no one on this blog is seeing this statement from AV for what it is. This thing has sather written all over it!! It's a squeeze job. Don't get me wrong, there's some truth to it but i think it's designed to suggest that Stepan's spot won't necessarily be there when this is over. If he signs this bridge deal too late and loses his spot on the top line, that's gonna cost him the money he's banking on in 2 years.  

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 You do realize that requiring a larger ice surface would mean retrofitting EVERY arena. Also they'd have to all be done over the same off-season. Can't have different sized rinks during a "transition phase". It's easier and CHEAPER (for the owners) to just change rules and equipment restrictions. 

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94 was an awesome year. i was 9 years old and had just started playing hockey. My team won the championship. I played D and wore #23. I played as tough as a 9 year old could. My season ends, the rangers march to the cup and the greatest hockey ever made never left my sega. I was officially hockey obsessed for the rest of my life!!

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