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I used Racedots for six CX races before finally returning to using safety pins.  I had a corner of my number bib come loose in the first race, because I had put the racedot too close to the edge. Since then,  I always put the magnets about an inch and a half away from the edges of the bib and never had a problem. 

What I did have a problem with was the hassle of getting the racedots unstuck from each other, both the top from the bottom and one racedot pair from another, before you could pin them your jersey. Then, magnets are so strong that they tend to clump together if your jersey folds the wrong way as you are trying to slip it on.  In last week's race, I used four safety pins on the outside and one racedot in the center, to keep the bib from flapping.

5 months, 1 week ago on BibBits Race Number Mounts Review – Are Magnets Strong Enough for Cyclocross?


The link to the raffle has a typo in the word raffle. The correct link is

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Why did they set the pit up on an off camber hill? It's hilarious to see the pit crews trying to recover the bikes without falling in front of the oncoming riders.

1 year, 3 months ago on Flashback Friday: 1985 Video of Radcross in Aachen, Germany


Unless your cycling shorts have a chamois that is as soft as a prom queen's thigh and a slippery as a snake in a bathtub full of  butter, you're going to need a lubricant to reduce the friction that occurs at the junction where man and machine meet. Chamois cream is one of many possible lubricants and is usually the easiest to clean up.

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