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I checked in on games for most of the season..Cuzz, Rudy and Thomas are still hoarding the basketball. So where is the change of culture?

Thomas saying that is changing does not make it so.

You have to ask yourself why did four bench players go to a losing team and change their culture?

There is an easy answer to that, they bought into a team and share concept, the Kings did not.

All I remember from fans as I fallowed Vasquez was Salmons sucks and Vasquez sucks and Patterson and Hayes are bums etc etc .

Now they are a big contributor to a division winner and a playoff team. Honestly I hope the Kings turn it around but as long as you have a guy like Cuzz playing for himself nothing will change.

Just an opinion from a  big NBA fan.

4 days, 17 hours ago on New Sacramento Kings make strides in changing franchise culture


Oh my dear God what happened to you guys?....

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Sacramento Kings add Jared Cunningham for the home stretch


How about taking a look at your new back-up point guard for next

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