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@jonbarker143 I agree, word is that Fox is a contender, ESPN (and Turner especially) needs to save money as much as they can.

1 year ago on ESPN & Turner want out of NASCAR a year early?


Directv will have to fork over more money imo. That's why a lot sports fans have Directv is for the Sunday Ticket.

1 year ago on Could NFL Sunday Ticket move to Google?


I agree, I think these fans have too much time on their hands. Fox and FS1 just signed a big contract with Nascar so it's not like they're not invested in racing. Those fans will be back, they kept some of those shows.

1 year ago on Speed fans are angry about Fox Sports 1


@Joseph Salazar ESPN had great leads-in on Sunday with Yankees/RedSox and last night with Steelers/Redskins.

If you ask the Fox execs, I am sure they didn't expect to take a huge chunk out of the box.

This is a starting point but the potential is there.

Once football starts we'll get a grasp of the ratings.

Remember ESPN wasn't a big hit out of the box and they had kinks to work out, too.

1 year ago on Fox Sports Live exceeds expectations with room to grow


Yeah, I gotta agree, tried watching Crowd Goes Wild, I want those 15 minutes. The whole Regis as a horse thing, was the last straw for me. ESPN's ATH and PTI have NOTHING to worry about. 

Maybe there was a reason why Regis (human Regis) signed a 5-month deal. He knows.

1 year ago on Fox Sports 1 and ESPN battle over who's really having more fun


@Joseph Salazar @Buffy619 ESPN had a good lead-in with Yankees/Red Sox. 

1 year ago on Fox Sports Live exceeds expectations with room to grow


I read somewhere, that Jay and Dan are doing Sundays-Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays, I think guys like Mike Hill and Don Bell will anchor.

1 year ago on Fox Sports Live exceeds expectations with room to grow


I am not a UFC fan so I only tuned in to see Fox Sports Live. I gotta say I liked what I saw. I've read and heard about Jay and Dan for years, I heard their first podcast and saw last night's show. I like them a lot. They remind me of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann from the old SC days.

I also agree the graphics need to be a little more muted.

The panel's okay too. I did find it odd, they didn't put Gabe Kapler in when they were talking baseball. 

But the potential is there no doubt, I think if I were FS1, I would be pleased with what I've seen.

I think we'll get a real grasp once football starts. It is a work in progress but if you want a letter grade, I give a solid B. 

1 year ago on Fox Sports Live exceeds expectations with room to grow


I think this will get resolve, this will put FS1 behind the 8 ball right away. Plus, Time Warner can't afford more bad PR. Someone will have to cave.

1 year ago on Fox Sports 1 may not be on your TV this Saturday


I think it's a combo of things, the fact that there are more options now, if you want to follow a sport year around, NFL, MLB, etc,. you can tune in to that network.

PTI and ATH are staples and have stayed true to who they are, this was before the Embrace Debate shows like First Take which stinks, LeBatard's show is good but you never know when it's on, and don't get me started on Numbers Never Lie.

Like I've said in other threads, the morning and afternoon Sportscenters are just filler now, better off just showing replays of games. 

The early evening Sportscenters are still good, I mean I think once football starts they'll be an uptick. 

Love the 10pm CT, Sportscenter, anchors like SVP, Steve Levy, Linda Cohn, Jay Harris, hey put Olberman there, among others, you still get highlights and a little debate.

Hate to say it, but the Grizzlies/Spurs Western Conference finals didn't help either.

We'll see once football starts, how the ratings are as well as Fox Sports 1's are.

1 year, 1 month ago on A closer look at ESPN's ratings


@MikeMcDermott It will still be on FOX, NBC will have the latter races.

1 year, 1 month ago on NBC reportedly wins back NASCAR rights


I gotta agree, like I've said on another thread, Erin is a good sideline reporter, but hosting a studio show is whole other animal. She just isn't good at it.

 I am going to stick with College Gameday. 

1 year, 1 month ago on Fox reveals college football plans


This is a HUGE win for NBC, and I agree, the more live content they get, that can help NBCSN get more viewership, when in turn they can get the network in lower tiers with cable and satellite providers.

I think if ESPN really wanted to keep Nascar, they would've done so. I think that since they're not making as much money with it, so they said forget it. Look at their show Nascar Now, it comes on at late night. Also they have MLB, NFL, college football and basketball, and now they can now concentrate on the NBA television contract coming up.

Unfortunately, after next year, ESPN will probably treat Nascar as an after thought. 

1 year, 1 month ago on NBC reportedly wins back NASCAR rights


Great article, Andrew. You might be right,  FS1 may be even more outrageous than ESPN, outside of live sports. 

We'll have to wait and see.

1 year, 1 month ago on Fox Sports 1 will be an ESPN alternative...but will it be the one many critics want?


They better come to a compromise because if not FS1 will be behind the eight-ball from day 1.

1 year, 1 month ago on Fox Sports 1 having trouble with cable and satellite companies


I don't think it's going to work, it seems like they just put names in a hat and these are the names they came up with.

I love Regis but the audience FS1 is trying to get, will not even know who he is for the most part.

I remember ABC tried something similar a couple of years ago, but they didn't like the pilot. 

Don't think ATH and PTI have anything to worry about.

1 year, 1 month ago on Cast announced for Regis Philbin's Fox Sports 1 show


I don't think they're overhyping the NBA, they have a TV contract and they want  to renew it with the league. Besides a lot of the big games are on ABC anyway.

With that said, I think ESPN should be VERY worried, and I think no matter how they spin it, they are.

Sportscenter's daytime ratings are dropping, it's more filler now, they'd be better off replaying games or PTI and ATH repeats or even College Football Live and NFL Live repeats. I mean we don't want to hear about Tebow 24-7, and not a lot of people want to see wall to wall Aaron Hernandez coverage, there are other places to go to for that.

I also think that cramming guys like Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, and Colin Cowherd down our throats is turning a lot of us off. We don't want to see Cowherd on Mike and Mike, First Take is now the Skip/StephenA Who Can Scream Louder show like I've posted before.

If this keeps up and ESPN's ratings keep sinking, with NBCSN getting traction and if FS1 can show good alternate programming (outside the live sports), ESPN will have no choice but to change their way of thinking.

1 year, 1 month ago on ESPN says low ratings are a "rare aberration"


I don't know why FOX hired a guy who went to a school in a conference where they don't have TV rights it makes no sense to me.  Unless they got this guy to be a lightning rod. 

Erin is good at sideline reporting but hosting a studio show is a totally different animal. She's not good at it in my opinion, unless they can't find anyone else that can do it. Give Rece Davis or Chris Fowler any day of the week.

1 year, 1 month ago on Fox adds Clay Travis to college football coverage


Great article, as always Matt. For the most part, during the day I avoid ESPN, I do watch College Football Live, NFL Live, and I've been a loyal Around the Horn and PTI fan for years mainly because those shows stay consistent.

The problem like the others have said is that they're trying to be something that they're not. First Take was a great show, I say was because it's now the Skip/StephenA Who Can Scream Louder show.

I like that NBCSN is making inroads as well as the Golf Channel, which has improved a lot. The NFL Network has been solid.

I think Fox Sports 1 can be a good competitor not in the live sports but in the other things like the new Fox Sports Live, if that can be viable competitor to Sportscenter, ESPN will have no choice but to change their way of thinking.

1 year, 1 month ago on How worried should ESPN be about declining ratings?