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Oh Lawd, the unfairness of it all!! Tennessee has to play Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma and Florida in 2014. How about giving them a break? It's football, it's not a cake walk. There's a reason this is the best conference in land. All teams play tough opponents, which require playing at the top level. I would think he would welcome such a challenge.   

1 year ago on That Didn’t Take Long: Whines About “Unfair” SEC Schedule in 2014 Begin


I wrote a whole paragraph and it disappeared when I was trying to pull a reference. I'm not typing it again but Fulmer is right. Hamilton did that university no favors. He drained money from a struggling program after Fulmer and wrote terrible contracts to the next in line. He even wrote himself a real doozy before he cut out and made the university continue to pay him. Ask any Tennessee fan and I doubt you'll find one that will defend Hamilton. Adams did nothing to refute Fulmer's claims either. He just turned it back to him and fired off his own list of Fulmer's shortcomings. I think they're both to blame though. To put the sole responsibility on one person is too much. However, being the AD and deciding to get rid of Fulmer is a big move and you better be prepared to deal with it. It was Hamilton's job to right the ship and hire a coach that could bring Tennessee back into the national spotlight. He failed and he knew it.

1 year ago on Knoxville Columnist Blasts Ex-Tennessee Coach Fulmer


How did I know that butt chugging was going to get brought up? LOL!

1 year, 1 month ago on Just 3 SEC Schools On The “Party Schools” List?


I'll have what you're smoking. LOL! Just kidding John. Keep the predictions coming.

1 year, 2 months ago on Fearless Predictions: 5 Things That Will Happen In The SEC This Fall