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@Sharon Knettell @webranger1962 @Gadfly7 @jdtew @FranzLiebkind Henry Kissinger thought South Vietnam had a good shot at defending itself.  Richard Nixon thought so or we wouldn't have left.  We will never know because the Democrats pulled all funding.

We promised to help them and we didn't.  

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@frippo @webranger1962 @RhiaMarie I never could figure that out.  Every time people start overthrowing their bourgeois oppressors, they start shooting teachers as tools of the bourgeois.  You may only need a few years in the reeducation camp to get your leftist impulses in line with whatever dictator comes out on top.

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@Sharon Knettell @webranger1962 @Gadfly7 @jdtew @FranzLiebkind If you add it all together, 7 million (lowest estimate) died because the commies wanted the South Vietnamese real estate.  Plus 50,000 Americans.  Then Democrats just gave South Vietnam away.

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@Sharon Knettell @webranger1962 @Gadfly7 @jdtew @FranzLiebkind

Death by Government lists the death toll after the Vietnam invasion of South Vietnam at 4,157.000 including Laos and Cambodia.  It was the lowest number I could find.  These are civilian casualties caused by democide, excluding 150,000 war dead because the commies invaded.

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@AllanL5 @webranger1962 @Ma Rainey Abortion is a pill. Game over. Evolution hasn't been taught in a public school as science since 1921.  Oh no.  Somebody put the ten commandments on the wall.  So what? I get offended by liberal puke all the time.  

What is different about people living in blue states running things they way they want?  One person.  One vote.  Only not if you're a Christian?  Not if you live in a red state.

You must embrace the liberal douchiness.  You must be a public health hazard or a nuisance.  You must be able to get an abortion at a drive thru.  You must love the STD epidemic that is gay men.  And everybody needs to pay for you.

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 and that's because one group opposes these publications' position on the death penalty: white Catholics.

OMG! One group.  Those terrible white Catholics.  I hate to tell you, but Democrats still have more people in favor of capital punishment than not.  Even minorities have about 1/3rd in favor.

Here is your Catechism from Pope Pius.

Assuming that the guilty party’s identity and responsibility have been fully determined, the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor. 

This was not news.  It is the traditional teaching of the Church.  The Pope says capital punishment is only acceptable to protect the innocent.  If you don't agree with the Pope, you're not a Catholic.  You are a Protestant.

You don't get to be a Catholic and disagree with the Pope.  Part of your faith is obedience.  Part of your faith is that you believe God won't let the Pope steer us too far wrong.  Thou shalt not kill.

Shame on you.  Nothing about Jesus is supposed to make you mean.  Go be an evangelist if you feel that way.

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@Gadfly7 @webranger1962 @jdtew @FranzLiebkind The FBI says Groucho wasn't a communist.  Hoover himself made the call that Groucho was not a member of the CP and his modest support for a few left wing causes wasn't the red menace.

We did have soviet agents working in our government.  How fast they got atomic and hydrogen bomb designs shows that.

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@beihai How can you pay your student loan on what they pay teaching abroad.  Foreigners moving here don't have the debt burden.  Their higher education system didn't rape them for an education.  I did a friend of mines taxes.  He's a teacher.  He makes 80 gross.  40% of his income pays his student loans.  He's now 33.  He'll be done at 40.

...and it will all be tax free in the US 

What have you been smoking?  It will not be tax free.  There is some offset if you are paying local taxes.  You are still required to file and pay your income taxes.

What would be better to do is get college abroad and come home.

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@RhiaMarie You can't pay professors based on merit.  It wouldn't be communist.  

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 If more [undergraduates] learned how many of their classes are taught by poorly paid, unsupported teachers, even as their tuition rises, how would they react?

Whatever my professors were paid, I think 80 percent of them got paid too much.  For 20% of them, they should have paid me for wasting my time. 

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@Gadfly7 @webranger1962 @jdtew @FranzLiebkind No.  I'm not a crazy liberal with an 8th grade understanding of Karl Marx.

Communists suck.  It's too bad McCarthy didn't get them all cleaned out.

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@Gadfly7 @jdtew @webranger1962 @FranzLiebkind It had to be fought.  It did have the effect of stopping the manifest destiny ambitions of China.

South Vietnam would have been able to save itself if not for the Democrats pulling all funding mainly just to punish Nixon.  That got 1.5 million South Vietnamese killed.  3.5 million sent to concentration camps.

I hope you're proud.

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@Gadfly7 @webranger1962 @GregThrasher Show me anywhere communism didn't end up being mass murder.  One time will do.

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@Gadfly7 @webranger1962 @GregThrasher Why don't you ask the South Koreans if they want to be North Koreans?  It's about as much as the South Vietnamese wanted to be communists.

When North Korea took over, they killed 1.5 million people and sent 3.5 million people to "reducation" (forced labor) camps.  The Khmer Rouge, also communists with an iron in the Vietnam fire, executed at least 4 million civilians in Cambodia.

I agree our military lost discipline and half of the troops came back heroin junkies.  Maybe liberals spitting on them was part of the problem.

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Your poor husband.  You agreed to move to America.  I'll bet you a buck every time you get mad you're gonna blame him for "I gave up my whole life"  Your husband should divorce you and cut his losses.  

After you willingly do something, you should quit complaining.  This article shows you aren't willing to do that.  I'd read this and think.  Am I going to Australia or divorce court?

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How can you fight something like this?  If you started grounding every pilot with any emotional problems, you'd likely hassle everybody but the ones that would actually ditch a plane.

This isn't as common as the uncommon accidental plane crash.  Even with suicidal pilots it's safer than driving your car.  I knew a serial killer.  I think some people are like a force of nature.  Like a natural catastrophe.  The truly evil are very good at hiding in plain sight.  You'd never know this guy in my pool league killed 60 people.  You won't find the guy that would crash a plane.  

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Democrats came up with a health care bill more than half of people liked.  No.  Closed our illegal military prison.  No.  Ended our wars.  No.  Stopped Iran from getting the bomb.  No.  Ended our domestic spy program,  No. Ended the Bush tax cuts.  No. Convinced people not to riot.  No.  Cut the deficit.  No. Promoted living wage jobs.  No.  Made green jobs.  No.  Stopped Russia from invading Ukraine.  No.  Got medical, insurance and pharma to quit ripping us off.  No.

Yes we can.  Well..... NO!  APPARENTLY NOT!

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@Ma Rainey What part of the "evangelical agenda" is getting implemented? What is the "evangelical agenda"?  Red states have a couple things in common.  Income inequality is vastly less and because housing is cheap and taxes are low, you can live on $10 an hour.  In California, you'd be on food stamps and housing assistance to get vastly worse housing.

That is my neighborhood in Oregon.  About half of my neighbors are on housing assistance and working.  This keeps housing artificially high.  If there weren't housing assistance, these houses would have to rent for what poor people living in a lower middle class neighborhood have.  Not what they have plus state assistance.  This lets the landlords rent out dumps for a lot more rent.

20 years ago right here it was the same people doing the same work and living in the same houses.  Back then they didn't need housing assistance.  

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@mary madden @Gadfly7 Rattzinger "God's rottweiler" wasn't holding a "God hates fags" sign either.  You're confusing Catholic with the 700 Club.   An old joke about Catholics is that they'll take you if you are warm.  They are really big on "Cast the first stone"  Everyone's soul is a work in progress, so if you are judgey you missed the entire point.

Maybe you should consider becoming a protestant where the Pope isn't always right.

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@DonaldSpitz We don't need Jesus to know homosexuality is a blight.  We just need the Center for Disease Control statistic.  20% of gay men are HIV+  50% will be in their lives.  Gay men have a full blown STD epidemic.  What is really screwed up is that MSM sexual contact shouldn't be as dangerous as it is.  It is contagious beyond what you'd expect to see even accounting for known factors.

If you believe the bible because God inspired it, you can believe the laws in it about how we conduct our sexual lives are practical.  If you aren't promiscuous or gay, you're not spreading STD's.  Spreading STD's is antisocial.  Having illegitimate children is antisocial.   It's not a wonder God doesn't like it.

If you are logical, you don't like it either.  Your reproductive life is serious.  Do what God says, even if you don't believe.  You'll make yourself and everyone around you a whole lot less miserable.

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 Europeans, especially European Jews, are used to being treated as museum pieces and historical relics by Americans.

I am glad to hear that and that they don't feel like they need to flee Europe.  There is no problem then.  Good. 

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I hate to break it to you, but I'll give you the 50 year old perspective.  If you are on welfare in 2015, you're not any poorer than this "middle class" kid in 1965 who wasn't.  Most of you don't know what poor is.

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@mary madden @webranger1962 One more job I liked.  I worked in a state mental hospital.  If somebody got violent, they didn't call women or ghostbusters.  All for $11.00 an hour.  It was a little dangerous being a woman.  It was a lot dangerous being me.  We got paid the same.  Why am I the wrestler?

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@mary madden @webranger1962 Oh and 77 cents on the buck tells me women are way overpaid.  I never met a woman who worked equal.  25 cents on the buck is too much.

If it's heavy, dirty or hard, it's my job.  Women get paid the same to watch me sweat while doing their nails.

I pick up 80lb scaffolds.  She answers the phone.  I move 200 banquet tables.  She puts out the flatware. I move the 1 ton food carts.  I move 800 chairs.  She places the napkins.

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@GregThrasher Better dead than red.  Really.  If you think we were bad, the communists that took over were vastly worse.  They are still vastly worse.

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@jdtew @webranger1962 @FranzLiebkind @Gadfly7 Faith in world leaders?  Every left winger paints it that way.  It's like George Bush screwing up our foreign relations.  They never did like us.  Half of them were in on oil for food and knew Saddam wasn't using the money for food.

I think it was more payback by our commies.  Nixon was such a crusader against corruption.  It was hypocritical.  I think it bought the left too much.

I used to think the unamerican activities committee was a bad thing. I was mistaken.

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@jdtew @webranger1962 @FranzLiebkind @Gadfly7 If Nixon hadn't been a paranoid, things might have been different.  The Democrats used this to propel their agenda, which if Nixon hadn't got caught, might have been a lot more subdued.

Abandoning South Vietnam was a disgrace, Nixon or not.  We cut all aid after we told them we had their back.  If you want a crime, that's a worse one.

It's not like anything the Watergate burglary found hurt George McGovern.  He put himself out of office all by himself.

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@kdeff1 @Camden04 My farmers market has gotten yuppified.  It used to be you shopped the farmers market and got a deal, but now it's the same price as the supermarket.  I feel like I've been hijacked by yuppies. Everything has to be local produce which means there really isn't much of anything except strawberries, nuts and lettuce.  Tomatoes for 3 weeks or so.  Don't blink or you missed it.

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@Nirit Yadin I remember shopping back in the 1970's.  Let us never go back to what the grocery store used to look like.  Foodies can get a little too full of themselves, but I agree with you that the inspiration and aspiration to eat better is priceless

One problem I have locally is that the foodie/yuppies have excluded anything not home grown from the farmers market, which basically means there isn't a lot to buy.  I think that was kinda snooty and deciding for us what we want to buy.  I am taking that fight to the city to de-yuppify the farmers market.  

I remember we used to get 4 city blocks of produce vendors.  Now it isn't 1.  Hell..  California produce is just fine.  

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I don't think race is an issue in the US,  I have Jews and blacks in my extended family.  My brother in law is a Jew.  I have cousins half black.  Nobody seems to bother them much.  They got good jobs and have a good life.  I'm sure there are some trailer trash somewhere cussing them, but nobody that matters is in their way.  I'm sure I've taken at least as much flack for being Catholic.  Like them, nobody who matters to my life treated me raw.

My halfrican cousins take more crap for being baptists than for being black.  That's from liberals.

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@rickbossen I oppose the death penalty too.  But if we're gonna do it, I vote we try to make it quick.  If it was me, I'd rather be shot, guillotined or hanged than have somebody mess around with me for an hour.  I didn't take my dog strap it to a table, put in IV's and go have a smoke before pulling the trigger.  It would scare a dog.  It must scare a man to the point it's practically torture.

Then there is the botched execution factor.  Simple seems to be overall more humane.

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It's why we used to have Unions.  But we don't have unions like that any more.  Most unions are composed of government employees.  Teachers..  cops.. politicians... sucking on the liberal teat...  

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@CeceliaHolland @PeteStern Right wingers don't have time to be racist.  They are too busy minding their own business.  If being racist means not giving a damn what you do, I'm guilty.  

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@3StarJohn Obama has bordered on sabotage by not maintaining diplomacy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya.. etc.  Obama took the troops out of Iraq without maintaining any diplomatic mission at all.  That failing is costing us. Obama is going to prove Iraq was a bad idea, even if he has to sabotage it.

And he's gonna let Iran get the bomb.

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@CeceliaHolland @ForrestHiggs @mlebauer @cshepley @3StarJohn Nixon was one of the greatest Presidents of the 20th century.  His "treachery" was a relatively minor burglary that he covered up.  

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@Sharon Knettell @jdtew The religious Republicans are no more whack that the Godless, soulless, pagan Democrats.  I don't think this is any sillier than Obama going into MLK baptist mode while he preaches paganism.

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@Gadfly7 @webranger1962 @FranzLiebkind Democrats are even worse.  I've been watching them over promise and under deliver my whole life.  Republicans are liars.  Democrats make it a pathology.

Examples:  Gitmo is not closed.  Social Security isn't.  Patriot 2 is even worse than Patriot 1.  QE 4 is still giving 40 billion a year to the banks.  ACA has more pork than bread.  I could go on, but Democrats never do what they say they are going to do.

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 @Gadfly7 I think the last President who made a really positive, world changing impact was Nixon.

Clinton invented the Big Box.  Bush 41 didn't do anything.  Bush 43 got us into a very ill conceived war.  Jimmy Carter....  America held hostage.  Day???  And he nearly destroyed the economy with inflation.

Barack Obama gives us the most invasive spy program we ever saw and made the medical care we couldn't afford mandatory.

And he traded 5 of the worst terrorists the world ever saw for a deserter.

Did I miss anything?

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@roidubouloi @webranger1962  Watch naive buckwheat.  Nothing is going to happen.  It took them 13 years to catch up to Radovan Karadzic and he might escape life in prison yet.

It is almost impossible to try even a former head of state for war crimes.  You'll notice Saddam Hussein did not face ICC.  

Look at these immunity clauses in international law and you'll see it's almost impossible to try a sitting head of state for anything.

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 @Gadfly7 @MichaelLawrence2 This neighborhood has always been one of my favorites.  In real estate parlance, it's UO (Uzi only).  The only place that might be worse for whitey walking around was some neighborhoods in New Orleans before Katrina.  I dunno what it looks like now.  Chicago also has some places you don't want to take the wrong exit.,-77.001653,3a,75y,164.63h,88.96t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1suBcwkgpDWqi2915ZLKhwoA!2e0!6m1!1e1

This hood is astonishingly violent.

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@Gadfly7 @MichaelLawrence2 You should take a nice walk at night in Washington DC white boy. 

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 I really hate litter box smell. I haven't had that problem with indoor/outdoor cats,  It seems to be a lot easier to enforce outside! than expect them to use a litter box.  It's the same with indoor dogs.

My dog has never made a mess in the house.  Never.  She's 5 on Easter.

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 If that isn't nepotism, what is?  These guys ought to be an automatic NO!  Run Palin/Backmann against Hillary.  LOL

I can see Russia from my house.......  Does Michelle Bachmann huff her nail polish?

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 I love cats too.  Most of my cats always thought they were dogs.  I don't do litter boxes and this neighborhood has too many strays to have an outside cat.

You're right though.  A dog needs an hour of your time every day.  It is harder.  I really like having a dog though.  Look at this:

I use puppy power to lower my carbon footprint.  According to my iphone, we were doing 18.  I didn't pedal once.  She can do 4 minute miles for 3 miles.

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 My last one was a Rottweiler.  She got cancer age 8, which is old for a Rottweiler.  6 would be average.  But yeah, she weighed 102lbs.  Not exactly an easy thing to dig a hole.  She just went to sleep at the vet.  It didn't seem mean.

I think we should just avoid mean.  I love Jesus and really nothing about Jesus is supposed to make you mean.  I think even righteous anger is way overrated.

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 Killing is bad karma.  We should avoid it if possible.

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@FranzLiebkind @webranger1962 I haven't had the heart to shoot one of my own dogs in about 30 years but I shot two of them in the head with my trusty old .357. They didn't feel it.  3 have gone by lethal injection mainly because I'm suburban now and it's illegal to bury your dog in the yard.  Lethal injection seems very humane.  They just go to sleep.  My dogs usually get to be very old,

I'm not sure about all the machinations around executions though.  A dog doesn't know it's taking it's final shot,  A man does.  So I think alot of screwing around with IV's and stuff comes close to torture.

Probably the nicest thing you could do is tell a prisoner you were letting him go and shoot him in the back of the head.

As for human error... I don't think I ever heard of a botched firing squad.  2 men are firing live ammo.  They usually both hit exactly on the mark.  One of them always does at least.

The more we seem to want to complicate the execution process, the more we don't seem to be able to get a relatively humane execution.

I think guillotine is pretty humane, but I'm not sure the gore of putting a head in a basket is anything we want to live with.  I'd rather shoot someone than pull the handle to be sure.

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