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@DaveBlewitt @michael2 @arpowers @brightonkeller I wasn't forced to do anything. I wanted to try it out! Yeah, there a million bugs, but I think that the guys over at pagelines will eventually figure it all out. All this negative energy doesn't really help much. What they're doing is really just needs a lot of fine-tuning.

1 year, 7 months ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap


So.....I dig it. I think the whole concept, idea, and even the initial roll out is so awesome. The marketing videos are amazing Mr. Powers, as usual! 

So I for one have spent (WAY TOO many) hours playing around and getting my feet wet with the new DMS theme. I think I have a pro account? Although I'm not sure - I didn't even know there was a free version. But I'm a pro pagelines member, so I guess I have the pro. Anyway, I was using the latest framework (the one where you have the page options, template options, and the drag and drop). And I had a little bit of a hard time with the transition, but then when I saw you had a version of the theme that helped bridge that gap (for version 2 users), my life got a whole lot better. And I got a whole lot happier. 

Things that I'm annoyed with and/or stumbled on so far this week:

1. like I mentioned, the transition from framework to DM (since you don't have the backend part of pagelines UNLESS you check that box thing - its in the documentation under installation I think if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

2. Global Options apply everywhere. Be careful with GLOBAL "sections". For instance, if you drag a section within a template (on say, your about us/me page), make sure that you only edit the "local" version (you see this on the left column bar in the DMS editing zone). Because if you edit the global version of the section....and then want to add the same section (like, maybe a content box) on another will have the same content. Make sense? so in a nutshell, be aware of global and local sections!

3. I'm a little confused by the refresh concept going on on the live editing interface. For one, you've got a refresh button by each and every editable content box. Ok, I get it. Cool. But then, you also have that refresh button that pops up once you make a change (the one next to publish live). I could go on...but I'm sure you all have noticed that sometimes the updates (live editing) don't always go through if you press refresh. And sometimes you just need to press the one by live editing. but sometimes that's not enough. hah. Anybody else in this boat with me?

4. didn't we have google fonts in framework? what's so revolutionary about the typography??? also, what's the status or update on typekit integration? should i keep using it?

5. you guys rock. I'm so happy to be a part of this awesomeness that you have created!

6. umm I'll check back in after the weekend.....I'm sure I'll waste some more sleepless nights experimenting

1 year, 7 months ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap


yahoooo this is awesomenessss

1 year, 8 months ago on Why DMS will be open source.