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I am politically active within the Republican Party and a 27 year retired Marine Corps veteran. I have had the privilege of meeting Senator McCain several times and military speaking he is a hero. Politically he is a snake. He is grand standing for the crowds when he speaks about eliminating the NFL blackout rule. I have seen his grand standing for years and he loves fawning press coverage.  If he succeeds in this great! However, it will never happen as the economic impact to DirecTV and the NFL and other outlets is too great. NBC and the other networks have a roster full of mediocre programming and badly need the NFL in order to turn a profit.  If the product is diluted then no one will make the revenue they need to survive.  I do not argue that their survival is a good thing. I own two businesses and no one out there is looking out for my survival.  If I turn out a bad product (construction) the market penalizes me in the form of bad reviews and lower sales and my competition picks up the slack. The NFL by limiting access is driving up the cost of their product and ultimately enabling the networks to charge higher advertising fees, which goes to the bottom line in supporting their business as a whole. I am in favor of the blackout being lifted for all sports and letting the viewers decide what to watch. The good teams will get the viewers and the poor ones will have to hustle to make themselves better if they wish to compete. A true here is Audie Murphy the most decorated combat soldier is US History. How about Capt. Barber USMC who with 200 Marines held a key pass at the Chosin Reservoir for a week in 40 below zero weather again 5,000 or more Chinese. Because of him over 15,000 Marines and soldiers escaped a trap set by over 130,000 Chinese. Or better yet Rosa Parks. Whose actions brought down the shame of Jim Crow and the subjugation of our African-American citizens by the Southern Democratic Party. Martin Luther King is another fearless hero. John McCain is not in their class. While nice the elimination of the NFL blackout rule would not elevate him even close to this status.

1 year, 9 months ago on Is John McCain the Greatest American Hero?