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I wouldn't mind being pitiful for at least one more season. The 2014 draft can have several game changers and I'd love for the Kings to get one of them. If ever there were a year to play poorly, or rather, win very few games, this would be the year. And there IS a difference between playing poorly and simply not winning. Last year Minnesota (-2.4) and Washington (-2.5) had a decent point differential even though they lost a lot. This means they were competitive, even though they were losing. Unlike Charlotte (-9.2) who lost a lot while playing poorly (understatement). Effort and culture can close the gap in point differential, yet allow us to lose enough to get a Wiggins-Randles-Smart-Parker-type of franchise talent. Besides, if you think about it, this year is Cousins' 4th, but it is his first year being the number one option on offense and undisputed leader of the team. In addition, pairing him up with a very young, inexperienced shooting guard, growing pains are inevitable. Just stay competitive and improve on that -4.9 point differential. 

1 year, 7 months ago on Poll: Assessing success for the 2013-14 Sacramento Kings


@Toofunny why are you trolling? You hate our team but like the worst player on the roster.. smart..

1 year, 8 months ago on Poll: Is Monta Ellis the right fit for the Sacramento Kings?


I hope this is a learning season for our rook Ben Mclemore, and new PG, Vasquez. They can learn to play along side Demarcus, but I still project us being second worst in the west, only ahead of Pheonix. Which would be GREAT! Because we would get a shot at a franchise talent in the 2014 draft. Could you imagine a lineup of Shooting stud Ben Mclemore, Young Demarcus and potentially Wiggins, or Julius Randle, or Jabari Parker! We would have a big three to make us contenders for a decade at least!!

1 year, 8 months ago on Sacramento Kings look for a new brand of basketball with the addition of Greivis Vasquez