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I think that all moves, thus far, are good.  We have enough "young" players who will get their chances this year with the numerous options available for the third and fourth lines. Darren Helm is still (hopefully) an elite penalty killer and lets hope that his rehab has let him have time to think about his offensive "woes."  That leaves basically Gus, Andersson, Eaves, Miller, Bert, Tootoo, and any other prospect (Tater, Mursak, still consider Emmerton a prospect) who could at any moment could land a full-time roster spot.  Brunner has no reason to want so much money besides his agent chirping in his ear and I believe that we will still sign Cleary to a modest deal.  Our D is fine, so we just need to hope Ken delivers on the Front.

1 year, 9 months ago on Free Agent Frenzy Open Post