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Activity Stream we go..not enough jordan at self poors out all these messed up colorways... they messed up the best air jordan of all times....the III.......looking now like a son of mars low......

now you did man man...

10 months ago on SELECT Preview: Solefly x Air Jordan III Retro

Reply my

they gonna bring the 11´s with that holographic material....

i´m waitin for sum nice 13´s.....and at first i was...hey,not bad...

but i gotta say...the more i look at them,makes me wanna safe me sum mo money....haha.

10 months ago on Air Jordan 13 “Barons”


absolutly true...

i used to collect shelltoes and suede pumas from about 98.

still have a pair of the o.g´s with grey suede stripes,suede gutts and the blue n white made in france sticker.....not DS...but almost unworn.

still have my very first adidas shelltoe from 84....

all beat up with the sides on the shell cracked open...piss yellow

and heringbone almost gone on the entire sole...

and i still rock em sometimes in very hot sommers.

those have the golden label on em also...butvery differend.

but i give dem didas a shot....why not...better then a jordan for sure!

11 months, 1 week ago on adidas Originals Brings Back a True OG Superstar 80s

Reply that flat leather with a snakeleather print...or is it that textured snakeleather we all know?

i really dig those and will cop....but only if the "snakeskin" have texture to it....i hope to see more detailed pics....

i´m glad yall dont like that shoe too much...gonna be a eazy cop for

1 year, 1 month ago on Jordan Brand Brings Back Snakeskin to the Air Jordan 11 Low



you can never go wrong with a pair of suede pumas...even in these days of oversaturation and mega hype.

back like 30 years back they had that states on the side instead of the "suede" and where made in former yugoslavia.

I used to be a real sneaker freak when i was young collecting shelltoes and pumas in every color they where made...and the quality was always on point...! get ready for a jam,getting your self ready at home with music and when the time came to hit the put on a fresh pair of pumas with them fat j kangol.....ohhh hahaha....

i still have like ca. 20 pairs...most DS.....when i line em up,you think you come into a candy store with all them colors...

Aint nuttin better than havin a fresh pair of pumas....the smell...uuuhhhiiee!

i wouldnt mind getting some OG looking pumas with the original name on it....

very nice....but i guess because i´m from that time tho.....nowadays its differend.

1 year, 1 month ago on Puma States – Size? Worldwide Exclusives


i had the original ones with the snakeleather like JMJ had on....

these are differend but still nice...the tounge might be a tad too long...

but very nice and the price is ok...not like on jordans.

1 year, 1 month ago on adidas Metro Attitude Hi “Reptile”


when i see these.....i gotta think of spizikes and son of mars low ect.

theydont look bad at all,but for that money......naaahhh...

just bought the new 28´s bamboo and paid a shit load on a JB flag ship super future like performance basketball shoe.....nice shoe...but yeah yeah....

i think i will be happy like that pass on them white infrapink 6´s....

yeah man..eazy pass for these...

1 year, 1 month ago on Jordan Future – Release Date


...i was lucky enough to cop em on nike this morning...

wisely passed on the white infrareds....leave the pinkys to the hypes and youngstas with them skinnyjeans or jogger pants.

yall bashin on em like dat....sold out in minutes...i

these for them bigboys with tha gusto.....

i dont mind beein bamboozled by JB this time.....should be in by thuesday via ups.

..thanks nike for lettin me have these.....LOL

1 year, 2 months ago on Air Jordan XX8 “Bamboo” – Release Date


i think i will pass on these...just cant get friendly with the infrared/pink/peach or what ever color....nice shoe...brings back memories and all...but nah.....

instead...i wait till sunday morning and get the 28´s bamboo´s....i also feel i need me something completly differend this time...

i passed tha black 3lab5´s just because of the presents of the infrared......and i do not regret that i did....

1 year, 2 months ago on Air Jordan 6 “White/Infrared” – Release Reminder


maan.....f$%& this n%&ga....i aint buyin nuttin that got his lame ass name on it......

1 year, 2 months ago on Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 “Donda West” Promo Sample


powder blues and i might double up on these....those are very nice and clean.

1 year, 3 months ago on Air Jordan 3 Retro – White – Black – Wolf Grey – Infrared 23

Reply nice colorway.

the 3´s are my favorite jordans made and i always cop em when ever i like the colorway....

and on this one,i will have to double up.

but first comes those nice powder blue 3´s....

1 year, 3 months ago on New Colorway Of Air Jordan 3! White / Grey / Black / Red


i just really hope people go on that hatemode when these come out.....i just love to go in a shop and buy a shoe without that bullshit these yeah...i will cop fo sho!

1 year, 3 months ago on Air Jordan 3 “Powder Blue” – Available Early on eBay


....dont get it twisted.....

i dont think these models(series) comin out like that...are for the average consumer.

talkin about wearability or price tag....if u spend that kind of money (225) and plan to wear them,

then you dont care about things like that...if you really think about it.

you buy rock it and move on to the next release.

a guy that collect...will most likely spend that money,but will have the shoe either boxed or on its more of like a investment or to taime that fetish we all crave for..(;))

i dont even wanna talk about them fuck niggaz...them resellers....

this shoe aint for the....moms gonna break off the dough so i can wear and tear it at shool,so everybody gives me the attention and i finally can fit in, type of people.

the III is my favorite of em if i can get my hand on it....why not!?

....look so damn good...make you wanna slap yo momma!

i might keep it...i might rock it....who

and people really need tostop bashin on those products....some shoes are just not made for everybody...

i´m not talkin about the ones with a opinion...but the ones that allready know who they

...but yeah....nice shoe tho...

but i think they should have kept the elephant print parts regular and not reflective.

1 year, 3 months ago on Air Jordan 3 5Lab3


....ohhh....these will fit nice with my L.A.Dodgers jacket from majestics.....oh hell yeah!

1 year, 3 months ago on Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove – Royal – White


.......they shoulda kept tha black EL print on tha breds.....went tha route for the patentleather...ok......

but why bring tha shoe again in a nice EL print.....and trow a vibrant color on em!?!?!

somebody at nike/JB needs his ass whooped tho....!

JB....keep that shit simple....i know you taken also money out of the parents pockets that will have to buy this shoe....but damn...

the ONLY reason why i do not buy this shoe...not only that "atomic orange".....and this shoe is one of the most comfortable jay´s to wear all day...

1 year, 3 months ago on Jordan 6 Rings – Black – Atomic Orange – New Slate – Wolf Grey | Release Date


these was the ish back in the late 80´early 90.....only thing i find not well done is the waayy tooo big tounge....same on the lows.....the tounge is too just imagine todays youth.......these shoes with those skinny woman pants...and xxs v neck t-shirts....LOL....

the run dmc ones with the snakeleather......i wish i could have those back!

...but yeah...these are very nice tho..

1 year, 3 months ago on adidas Originals Brings Back the Attitude Hi “Knicks”


Damn....yall need to chill....iz just shoes....

who ever want them thangs will get it....real or fake...if you into sneakers you already know if you aint get it from tha big ones then you WILL take exceptions...or be a man and get the next shoe...move on!

if i dont get em tonight at footlocker...well...then i saved me a lot of on to the next release.

people gonna buy fake ones let him get his lil pocket change money...

i got tha money for tha real ones....i dont go to drop it to the fake ones....just because i know:


1 year, 3 months ago on Air Jordan 3Lab5 “Infrared” – Nikestore Release Info


i always laugh hard when people bash on shoes like that tho.....its one thing not liking a shoe...i can see that,but just talkin shit is another thing.

its funny how it takes no more than 5min to completely sell out a shoe online and reading comments like that....

1 year, 3 months ago on Air Jordan 12 “Gamma Blue” – Release Reminder


...another fuq ni66a makin him self a bad name.......lookin like he bout to bust a bloodclot..

he jus like dat one fakebook fa66ot bitch ni66a with those grape V´s standin there like a drag queen... day ur own children will identify yo monkey ass pictures and be ashamed to find out...daddy wuz a lame ass simp ni66a....

trowin up tha dubz for "WACK"....please kill ur self.....

1 year, 3 months ago on Russell Westbrook in Air Jordan 12 “Gamma Blue”


....why not have the swoosh iced out like the sole.......?

1 year, 4 months ago on Nike Air Force 1 Low ’07 “Penny”


.....i wore them in the mid 80´s with fatlaces or without early 90´s with all colors of snakeleather on the stripes........but the ones i really miss are the ULTRASTARS SHELLTOES......they should bring those back too....!

so ADIDAS......please come out with ultrastars again....with that wide tounge and them straps in the inside...and please give us the suede insole back....

did u heard me adidas......ULTRASTARS

1 year, 4 months ago on adidas Originals Superstar 80s – Spring/Summer 2014


Wooow......i disslike foamz when ever i see them on sight.......but this one pair?!....just look at them....very nice!

so why is this guy not workin at the guys position that give us the BS colorways like on most nike´s these days......

if i was somebody at nike......i would welcome somebody with a red carpet at headquarters!

like i said......i dont dig foams....but this one would get a cop like that!

very good...keep it up!

1 year, 5 months ago on Nike Air Foamposite One “Phoenix Rising” Customs by Gourmet Kickz


@Alejandro8675 ...well atleast he have and had a career...what do you have?what have YOU done in YOUR life?...dont be a empty bon bon eating egghead.....and guess what...i bet you a 100.000 that he didnt payed a worthless us cent on em eihter.....he gets em for free.....while you have to ask somebody for money to get even one pair.......think about it.

1 year, 6 months ago on Hulk Hogan Shows Off More Air Jordan Retros


they are very very nice....only thing i dont like is the camo on the sole...i think a complete black sole would have looked way better.....but im glad they bring this shoe the way it is as the the 28´s..but that material around the shoe was never my thing....lets see what colorways they bring out.hopefully not too damn brite...cant stand all those 132 colors on one shoe.....

1 year, 6 months ago on “Green Camo” Air Jordan XX8 SE


...LMAO....the one not understanding what i wrote,is of a very weak nature.....a REAL lame..

1 year, 7 months ago on Ice-T x Vans Syndicate Preview



You are very right my friend...i have the comfort to let other people do the work for,mostly i do what ever i want when ever i feel like...


1 year, 7 months ago on Ice-T x Vans Syndicate Preview


@Kjp3 .................

Nahh lil homie.........YOU dont know nuttin bout dat man.

He does what a man have to do,to bring on dat paper on a steady basis....

i say,you the one lookin at that picture and really start to secretly WISH....that you would be just like him.......

i say,you would suck a dick or even two...and....get some free homie love for just beein him for just 1 hour.....

the money

the fame

the respect

the woman

the cars

the chains and rings

the houses

the music

the tv shows

the tours

the flights

the interviews

the knowledge

the wisdom and on.

 ...and now we take a close look at you....

what have YOU acomplished in real life!?

where is the things that YOU have done to be proud of your self !?

c´mon homie...

...u might wanna think about what you type on somebody you dont even know......

also,think about the word it self,what it means and who looks more to be that in this comparison i gave to you.

...dont be mad at hard feelins....dont lie...dont cry....


Listen at the song COLORS and then tell me that YOU know of what he is talkin bout...

Grow up homie...the world aint spinnin around you...LOL

1 year, 7 months ago on Ice-T x Vans Syndicate Preview


A pair of adidas with someone’s face on the tongue....!?!?!..Are you fucking kidding me..!?!?!?


I have a DEADSTOCK Pair of ADIDAS SUPERSTARS made in FRANCE..with the thin tounge,the suede innersole and grey/white suede stripes....

I just trew away like almost 30 pairs of shelltoes in all the colors from the late 80´s early 90´s..all yellowed up.

I also have a pair with all white snakeleather stripes like RUN wears in RUNS HOUSE video...

I have a load of original suede pumas in all the colors you could buy in london or paris back then.

does that make me something like a collector or a sneakerhead? doesnt at all.

and get your facts right about some one´s face on a adidas shoe....BEFORE you make a clown out of your self.....

1 year, 7 months ago on Complex’s 10 Sneakers Every Serious Collector Should Own


this nigga outta his mind...complete brain shred.

who gave you those pants!?!

even the young fakebook "swag" generation is clownin them shitz tho...

u see how they usin these fake rappers to sell you theyre dont wanna be like your dad,who puts food in yo wanna be like him...a.k.a mr. chickenbrain...thats a damn shame what hip hop has become.

he probably tryin to show his penis size with the fingers...on the otha side when u have big penis you seems to be this could be sucsess is this big need for of ur´s to get to this...(Mike epps)


them V´s look alright on feet....but nothing i would consider spending my money on.looks to me too army boot like...way too casual for me.

after seeing pics of the otha two´s...i would say the 4 is the one shoe that everybody is gonna tryin to get,no matter what the bankaccount say´s.the 4 in general is not my air

i will probably get the 3 anyways,just cause i love the 3´s with all the flawz they always have.i think when i see it in person its gona be wrap...well see.

its way too much jordan this year to keep up anyways....everything is oversaturated with colors and stuff....everything is so damned turned up.

why not have 12 pairs for this one year...12 good releases and the quality that we all expect to get when we spend 160+ dollars for a product.

this greed goes on my nervs...i dont care what market demands what....its stupid to do it like that....the fire red 3 does not fly off the shelfs?!?!?!.....well....ask ur self why a clean true o.g. sneaker stays on the shelfs....all the otha dumb stuff goes...even the kids spending all the money on those shoes in a heartbeat...they ran out of money


1 year, 8 months ago on Fabolous in Air Jordan 5 “Fear”


...they can all have the 4´s n 5´s.....i need those 3´s fa sho, if they come out good in person.damn.....i just copped two pairs of fire red 3´s.....(:))

should have just got one pair.....god damned greedy me!!!lol....

at that time i´m in amsterdam too.......shit,i might get too fucked up and just get that damn 3 when i feel it at that moment....

i like V´s but this one is too casual for my liking...i dont know bout this one....but tha 4 goes hard in tha paint also....i just dont love the shoe like i do with the me the best looking air jordan of all times.

1 year, 8 months ago on Air Jordan “Fear Pack” Release Date


i´m really not a fan of SOM shoes at all and hate the cheap leather (6´s) insertmaterial on the sides...and also the plastic looking patent leather around the mudguard........!

But this one,i have to say looks very nice....

if i wouldnt had copped two pairs of fire red 3´s..i might would try a pair......maybe next

1 year, 8 months ago on Jordan Son of Mars Low “Cement Grey” – Arriving at Retailers


...this might made for the young fakebook "swag" generation......c´mon dawgg...who gonna walk round tha streetz with those spiderman shoes....itz just the jordan logo..other than that jb should have made the upper more like the 3´s with the two wings for the laces come down....than it might have a chance to be spend money on still great they doin sumthin to come out with new models....but like i said...its more for like for the 15-20year old generation that wanna have that spiderman feelin to it...lmao...

1 year, 8 months ago on Jordan Flight Club 80s – Blue – Red


@Sneak'freak .....haha.....u bitch nigga!i know u gone be with them other woman dudes in line to cop those and wear em with yo skinny

1 year, 8 months ago on “Fire Red” Air Jordan III


...these gone be copped by all means necesarry...i luv them 3´s...even if they ain´t worth tha price tag like always...paint cracklin and all...

1 year, 9 months ago on “Powder Blue” Air Jordan III


@kshaun12 ...well i hope she is a bitch fo real and squeeze every worthless penny out your empty pocketz....karma gone hit cho ass real good...!

1 year, 9 months ago on Air Jordan IV GS “Pink Foil” – Release Date

Reply not into the 4´s...its a nice shoe,but not in all colorways..the red is interesting...BUT...if i picture me spending money as such,on a shoe like this,and they get trashed up on the first wears...i can really say...PAAAAss...on my spizikes 3M...the yellow nubukstraps have dark stains in em..and i rock short pants like all the time....cant get it out for shyte!!!Naaahhh...i just picked back up on the jordanshoe game and bought 5 pairs of jay´s last month...its not like...yeahhh...gotta have it....!!!i rather wait on them fire red 3´s...and get two of them instead.

1 year, 9 months ago on Air Jordan IV “Toro” – Beauty Shots


@Bigga23 ...stop holdin the god damn cheeseburgers all over ur head nigga...

1 year, 9 months ago on Air Jordan “Georgetown” Collection