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The obstacle I'd like to see  is called, "The Moon Bounce".  

Now, that's not the air-inflated vinyl monstrosity seen in the backyards of a surburbanite offspring birthday soiree. The Moon Bounce is a strip of the course, ranging from 3-30 meters, that is peppered with bumps, ridges, and/or potholes, & is separated by a standard cyclocross barrier. Not so bad right?  Well that's just the "bounce" part of the The Moon Bounce.  

Before crossing over the first barrier, the rider must drop trou.  This can be done either while riding, after dismounting,  or while bunny hopping over the barrier (only a skilled few can accomplish this feat!) but cycling shorts must be down before the racer's foot or wheel touches the ground after the first barrier. Lunar phases that are acceptable are as follows: first/last quarters, waxing/waning gibbous, and of course the full moon.  New moons & waxing/waning crescent moons will accrue a minute penalty. The Moon Bounce will encourage each racer to be in the lead (or at the very least, in the lead of any particular pack) because who the hell wants to be staring down a constellation of muddy moons?  Aside from that, it's the cyclists way of heckling the hecklers and anyone behind him/her.  Lastly, it's Vegas, whatever happens in Vegas...

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Working @ an outdoor store, (a nationwide cooperative that deals w/ recreational equipment) I've had to explain it to non-cyclists this way, "It's a personal lube, if you will, that will make your riding for hours on end that more enjoyable. (insert smirk, raised eyebrow & a twinkle in the eye)"  Then I break it down like this, "It's as if a barrier comes between you and the friction of your cycling shorts, or any other short for that matter.  For a personal lube it's not greasy at all, works well no matter what the elements are thrown onto it, think of it as moleskin for hikers.  I've also known folks who'll do tri's or adventure racing & use that in a pinch for their running shoes or wetsuits."  


And if they still need some clarification I just break it down so that it's simple, " Do you remember the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? Ya remember when Clark put that "noncaloric, silicone based kitchen lubricant" stuff on his sled & went flying down the hill, through that outhouse, then through the town & had sparks flying everywhere?  Yuuup, that's how it'll be when you've got your tail end cover ed in Chamois Butt'r...  minus the saddle sores & the sparks."

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I'd like to see Chewbacca race CrossVegas.  First off, not that many Wookies race cross, which I find rather odd since coming from the planet Kashyyk the environment is well suited for cross training.  I think that he'd be able to bunnyhop any of the the barriers w/ ease.  Also if he had any bike issues he could easily fix the bike, (seriously, we've seen him work on that bucket of bolts that did the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs) perhaps even while riding it.  Lastly, I know he would win since the other racers would let the Wookie win for fear of having their arms pulled out of their sockets. I'm not saying Chewie would do, I'm just saying...

1 year, 9 months ago on Win a Chamois Butt’r Swag Bag and CrossVegas VIP Ticket by Entering Our Contest