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damn it styby, race more cross!

1 year, 3 months ago on Video: 2013 Heusden-Zolder World Cup, Last Lap, Men’s Race


Who would I want to see race CrossVegas? Easy! The whole Belgian national CX team. I feel this answer needs no explanation, but per contest rules, I must oblige. Now, I know bringing the whole team to race wouldn't be very fair to our boys here in the U.S. (Sorry JPow, Johnson, Trebon, and gang), but for those of us that weren't able to attend 2013 Worlds, this would be a great chance to see some of the best 'cross racers of our time. Not to mention, Nys is going to need some competition this year. Maybe recently married Niels Albert could contest the World Champ, although with a wife like Chantal I'd have a hard time focusing on racing. I'd be great to see Bart Wellens race, just make sure not to throw a drink at him. Or how about Klaas Vantornout, because he can race and he's got a fun name! Last, but certainly not least, I think the greatest rider to see would be Kevin Pauwels. Not only because he's very talented, but he's a man of few words who lets his legs do the talking for him, the perfect embodiment of a cycling gentleman.

1 year, 9 months ago on Win a Chamois Butt’r Swag Bag and CrossVegas VIP Ticket by Entering Our Contest