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@cwgatti McD was the "throw-in" in that trade. The main guy they wanted was Higgins. Your genius GM is far from that lofty perch many put him on. He has had 14 years FOURTEEN YEARS to produce a winner and has not even had a team in the finals. Look at the big picture--if he were a CEO he would be long gone. Too bad the Dolans wear rose colored glasses.

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I know its not my blog but this is gossip-type BS not hockey--kindergarten stuff

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Like we all do I am hoping for the best for this team--but can anyone in their right mind believe they wont be totally manhandled and thrown around by the more physical teams (Boston, Philly, Pitt) that attack the net and  dish out physical punishment knowing there is no one pushing back? In the 80's the Rangers had the Smurfs and they totally dominated the much bigger, stronger Flyers in the playoffs because the Flyers were just not quick and could not compensate for the Rangers speed. The problem today is those bigger,stronger guys are also quick. We had better hope Lundquist stands on his head every night to overcome the lack of size on this team.

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