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Hi! I just wanted to say I found your book while looking for Garbageland at my local library, and have really had my eyes opened! I've been recycling for years, thinking that I was doing a good thing, not realizing I needed to consume (no pun intended!) less plastic, and that there were sooooo many ways to reduce the plastic I buy. I've made copious lists and notes about websites you listed in your book and plan on passing on all the info I can to my friends and family! I've already made your recipe for almond milk, plan on using all of your condiment recipes, and am now checking into finding ingredients for your cosmetics recipes. I would also like to thank you for including in your book all of the resources for renting/borrowing tools and outdoor gear! I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for eco-friendly footwear.

I thought you might be amused to know that my local library wrapped your book in a cellophane cover...I know why they did, but thought maybe they would've /could've thought to go along with the no plastic theme and maybe photocopied your cover and used that as a protective wrap. Or something. :)

1 year, 10 months ago on Win a Plastic-Free Book! Take the Quiz & Make a Pledge