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@TexasBasketBallFan  White may or may not make it as a basketball player, with both his skills and his mental health status being the major variables. Only time will tell.

What's breathtaking is your ignorance (maybe envious bitterness) in thinking that $$$$ has anything to do with "tak(ing) care of ANY psychological issues he claims to have." Sure, money means he can get the best care available, but it doesn't come close to guaranteeing a successful cure or management strategy for his anxiety disorder. Would you EVER think of saying something like what you said for other than a mental health issue?  Try this slight change in your comment, and note what a D-Bag it makes you sound like:

"He has more than enough financial wherewithal to take care of ANY cancer issues he claims to have."

See? Its partly ignorance like yours, of the crippling nature of many mental health problems (including anxiety disorders), that makes effective diagnosis and treatment so difficult.

What's also obvious, though, is that you've also got something of a political ax to grind about athletes with money, as well as states with strong worker protection laws. I guess White was a convenient whipping boy for you on both counts, I hope that venting your spleen, despite ZERO knowledge of the reality of White's individual medical situation, made you feel better.

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Sacramento Kings focus on assessing Royce White's talent, not baggage, on 10-day deal


@layituplikeaman  I agree offensively. I'm just not sure IT is close to a top 10 PG when you factor defense into the equation. It's hard to get past the fact that IT is giving up 4-5 inches nightly to SMALL NBA PGs. And for some reason, IT's offensive explosiveness doesn't seem to translate into the foot speed necessary for him to stay in front of his man, regardless of height. In terms of both height and quickness, IT simply is not disruptive at all to the flow of opponents' offenses. A fair amount of the high 3-point percentage of King's opponents is due to the switching and slow rotations started by IT's inability to stay with his man. Same with PG's breaking down the King's interior defense and dishing for dunks or kicking for wide open 3s.

Also, as to IT's high talent level -- I agree. But its sometimes more about team chemistry than raw talent. I agree that IT is a better player than BJ at the same age, however at 6'3", BJ was not generally the defensive match up liability that IT is. However, on the same topic, I also think that BJ was a more talented player than Bibby, though the Kings TEAM definitely worked better w/Bibby starting and BJ coming off the bench. 

I suspect that the same may be true for the Kings in the future, where a competent, full-sized PG makes the King's defense whole, can initiate the offense, and makes all his teammates better offensively. IT comes off the bench for 20-22 minutes, lights up the 2nd team's productivity (especially playing against reserves), and is often on the court at the end of games (at least for offensive sequences).

There's just no way to get around the fact that your starting PG cannot regularly give up 6-10 inches on opposing PGs, particularly without other special defensive skills to help make up for the height deficiency. It may just be that the amount of energy IT must expend to be who he is, offensively, precludes him expending the kind of energy that's necessary to play 1st class defense on 1st class NBA point guards. If so, just another reason for him to become the prototypical 20 mins/gm spark plug.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Isaiah Thomas faces growing pains as Sacramento Kings starting point guard


I just don't see the shame in IT being a Bobby Jackson kind of player. He's going to be a great off-the-bench point guard -- or slasher/spot up shooter if the defensive match ups allow it. But other than that, his defensive liabilities are decisive here. As a starter, his size causes match up problems that the Kings have to scheme against almost every game. And aside from his size, Thomas' inability to stay in front of his man translates into every team the Kings face initiating their offense by screening off IT to (1) get the PG an easy shot, (2) exploit pick and roll mismatches, or (3) triggering the Kings slow switches/defensive help rotations, resulting in an easy shot for someone after the ball swings and the Kings don't rotate fast enough. 

I admire IT for all he's accomplished, and I'm a BIG fan, but just like Bobby Jackson's weaknesses as a starting PG were exposed when Bibby was hurt (even with Christie to cover his back), the same is true here for IT. And IT has NO ONE currently available at SG to help cover for his defensive deficiencies or shoot-first mentality.

This observation doesn't feel like a criticism to me, any more than calling BJ a great sparkplug but not a great starting PG was an insult to him. Fact is, the Kings don't have all the personnel pieces in place yet, and one  of those pieces is a solid starting point guard that doesn't cause nightly defensive match up nightmares, around which the King's defensive game plan must then be organized. If the Kings score one of those, then IT can go to a 20-25 minute/gm backup PG/SG, where he can go flat out every minute on the court. One last thing: Getting IT's minutes under control as a key backup will only serve to extend his career and avoid wearing down his body and his productivity, like these 40+ minute games are doing to him right now. 

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Isaiah Thomas faces growing pains as Sacramento Kings starting point guard


While I agree with the overall point that Cousins needs to find a way to not project negativity the way he does, I think that Davis was probably the right choice for the Kobe spot. His offensive and rebounding numbers are comparable to Cousins (averaging over 20/10) and he leads the league in blocks. Davis is an upstanding citizen who causes no concern about possible awkward moments at the event AND he's from the host city. NOLA has several more wins than the Kings AND the only reason there are so many other All-Stars from teams with losing records is because somebody from the Eastern Conference had to be on the team who wasn't from Indiana or Miami. How many All-Stars were named from teams with losing records in the Western Conference? I haven't looked specifically, but I think Davis is about it -- excluding silly fan voting (Kobe) and whether the T-Wolves happen to be one game above or below .500 at the moment.

That said, if Kevin Love can't play, or if another vacancy opens up, I do think that Cousins is probably next in line at this point. He's certainly more deserving than Mike Conley or the other guys left on the outside looking in.

Patience is the key here. Cousins is still growing up, and maintaining his competitive intensity while developing a greater willingness to just accept bad calls (and even good calls) when they happen, as well as the inevitable turns of fortune in a game, is a critical next step in his development as a leader and All-Star on a winning team.

I've seen Cousins on film with kids at children's hospitals, and THAT'S the guy people from Kentucky are taking about when they describe one of the most lovable characters to have ever gone "one-and-done" for the Wildcats. If Demarcus can just become a little more Zen about the inevitable ups and downs of a basketball game, and display just a little love for the game in his on and off-court persona (like he does when he's with the kids), then the sky is the limit for both he and the Kings.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Sunday Musings: The politics of DeMarcus Cousins' All-Star snub


Isn't one of the primary reasons that backups exist the fact that starters can't play for 48 minutes? It's not "disrespect" that causes a player to lose PT, it's generally an inability to play at an acceptable level of proficiency, at least in comparison to the other players on a team. Nothing against Jimmer. I like him and his game. I wish he were quick enough to consistently stay in front of NBA point guards and get his own shot. "Short" of that, I wish he were 6'5" or taller, so he could play as a spot up shooter at the 2.  But seriously, no one I know has anything "against" Jimmer, except his apparent inability to play certain aspects of the NBA game at a NBA level (not to mention the unreasoning fanaticism of certain of his fans). But sometimes people are wrong, and players get a second life with a second team -- which Jimmer will almost certainly get, either before the 2/20 trading deadline or next year when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. 

Seriously, I really hoped he'd be able to bring Jimmermania to the NBA, and I wish him well now. Apparently it wasn't meant to be in Sacto, but maybe next year? Unless the conspiracy to keep him down turns out to be league wide.

9 months, 1 week ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Oklahoma City Thunder 108, Sacramento Kings 93


@jazzhater  I think the Kings are also in a lot more games late, and their inexperience in how to close out games is showing. That should come with more experience and time.  I do agree, however, that IT is also showing signs of fatigue late, and that's showing up in critical physical AND mental late-game lapses. If Malone really doesn't trust Fredette to run the offense for 7-10 minutes in the 2nd half, maybe he could ensure that Fredette's minutes align w/Gay being in the game. Use Gay more to initiate the offense (ala D. Christie) when IT's on the bench and employ Fredette more as a spot up shooter. 

Regardless, it's clear that IT is wearing down playing 38 minutes a game with no 2nd half rest. Whether the answer is more minutes for Fredette, a trade for Andre Miller, or something else -- there needs to be an answer other than just playing IT into the ground.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Oklahoma City Thunder 108, Sacramento Kings 93


An amusing side note: In Derrick Williams pre-draft scouting report on, they listed his Best Case/Worst Case scenarios as follows:

Best Case Scenario: David West

Worst Case Scenario: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

11 months, 1 week ago on What to make of Derrick Williams?



True. My error message said the "Video is private."

1 year, 4 months ago on WATCH: Ben McLemore’s path to the NBA


Instead of, "the 20-year-old guard has a heart-wrenching backstory that precludes his basketball success," I think (hope) you mean "precedes" his basketball success.

1 year, 4 months ago on WATCH: Ben McLemore’s path to the NBA