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once we buy out richards we will have ~20MM in cap room:

McD: 4MM per

Step: 4MM per

Hags: 2MM per

Zucc: 1MM per

That leaves 8-9 MM in cap space.  With that i would like to see them sign some solid depth guys to fill out the third line, which is weak now.  Think Mason Raymond, Bryan Bickell, Viktor Stahlberg.  Those are some guys you could probably sign for 3-3.5MM a year, all younger, more healthy options than clow.   On the more expensive side, i really like Filpulla, but hear that he is looking for almost 5MM.  what do you all think?

1 year, 9 months ago on Lundqvist, RFA Talks This Weekend; Clowe Willing to Take Paycut