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I think you've got a lot of stuff correct...but as Brian noted, you didn't start off too well with Enderle as the first player on your list.   Hey Chris Davis strikes out a lot and then hits homers over every fence post along the wall, so you're still alive.  I still believe you are wrong about Reynaud (again agreeing with Brian).  I still feel he is a better healthier choice on Spec. Teams, and the fact that a virgin play caller didn't use him much last year doesn't mean he is in his dog house.  I would think that if emotions are left outside the main office, Mariani is gone.  I love him, hope he fairs well, and hope for him he does make it and returns to elite status.  But I just doubt it.  I have to wonder about Parmele as well.  If Reynaud wins the Return spot, does that boot Jalen out the door.  If Mariani is gone then that leaves a hole for a receiver to enter, but who???  Jones maybe the guy but Indi needs him more and will probably chunk a bigger check his way than we would.  But all in all I think you got the rest of that list pretty figured out Big Tom.

1 year, 8 months ago on Thoughts on the 53-man roster as training camp opens


I'm a fool for your lovin' Tom.  Reynaud is to me, more versatile than Mariani.  He has taken quite a few reps from the back-field in OTA's but given his experience and success lined up out wide in college, it is a bit of a mystery to me why he hasn't seen many reps in the WR rotation.  His speed is there, his hands are there...for me, I guess that is a question that will never get properly answered. 

1 year, 9 months ago on A first crack at the Titans' 53-man roster


100% agree with Brian.  You can wonder about the split all you want, and by the way...THE RUNNING GAME WAS AWFUL!!!! Quite a bit of fault there equally goes to Palmer, the O-line, Bruce Matthews, and CJ.  Most of CJ's big yardage late in the year came in passing situations where the Titans chose to run the ball.  When they passed in those situations the sack % skyrocketed.  

Very good defenses are able to break down tendencies, personnel, and exploit them.  I would have to believe that the Packers, Texans, and Jets had the Titans figured out pretty darn well.  Heck, with 7-8 beers in me, I could properly guess 80% of the time if we were running right or left, or passing with primary targets left or right.  Heck, when I got to 12 beers I was still about 75% correct...and half asleep.

1 year, 9 months ago on Jake Locker was sacked hardly at all and very frequently in 2012, which means what for 2013?