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No, not a good fit for the Spurs culture and team atmosphere. It would be like having McDyess back except a jackass. 

1 year, 9 months ago on Free Agency: Spurs have interest in Kenyon Martin


I think it would be difficult to explain to Nugget fans why they took an unknown over viable candidates like Hollins, Scott, and Del Negro still available. Especially after the Spur's 'top' assistant already was picked up by Atlanta. 

I just don't look forward to seeing Pop's staff further gutted. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Report: Spurs’ assistant coach Brett Brown ‘serious candidate’ for Nuggets head coach position


Partying regardless of with anyone, IE, going to a night club in Miami, is not going to sit well with Spurs fans. I don't really know how I feel about it personally. I suppose it vaguely bothers me in some way but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. 

1 year, 10 months ago on LeBron James says Spurs' Green did not party with Heat


Well that's not good. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Report: After injuring his ACL, Davis Bertans heading to San Antonio


Huh....Say, you guys just won your second championship, I'd be interested in signing with you....

I would think that if Oden had anything to offer the Spurs would have kept a more definite hand on him somewhere. Not sure how much he can give, the ultimate question mark physically. /shrug

1 year, 10 months ago on Report: Spurs ‘in the mix’ for Greg Oden in free agency


The thing about the NBA off season now that the paradigm has shifted to the 'superteam' era is that there is so much uncertainty until the first few dominoes topple. Actually, its always hinged on the first few signings with the teams that miss out scrambling to catch up or reload(by unloading) for the next crop. 

In terms of free agents, who is out there that fits a need? Who can we afford? Who will fit the system. We saw how it ended with Jack and while I dearly would loved to have had him available last night or in game, past is past. 

Maybe we will see some decent names get amnestied but then, they go into a waiver wire type scenario. Heck, if he's cheap enough, bring back TMac. Can't hurt. Send him to summer league if he really wants to demonstrate he's willing to be a good fit. 

I'm more inclined to add one or two vets while cultivating youth. I don't want to part ways with someone like Gary Neal and bring in an older guy who gives us the same thing at more money. Not saying we should keep Neal per se but making changes for the sake of change is not the best course. 

1 year, 10 months ago on A look at the Spurs salary situation heading into next season


I hate that I'm so ready to consider these things at this moment but life goes on. 

I'm afraid that someone out there will get shut out in the max FA sweepstakes and desperately back the Brinks truck up for Splitter. 

I've always liked DeJuan Blair but knowing he's gone, swapping in Aron Baynes is an equitable exchange and Baynes may even be better.....heck, may be better than Tiago give time to learn the system. At least he has a jumper whereas Tiago seems physically incapable of shooting a jump shot. 

If DeColo wants out and we can get something for him, great. CoJo has proven his worth as a solid backup. 

Gary Neal will get more money than the Spurs will offer him. 

SO....first question is how much room would we have left under the cap if Manu comes back at a reasonable price? 

Next question: what players stashed in Europe/Austin can come over and contribute if any? 

Then: Who will fall to us in the draft? I've heard a few names here and there and looked at a few mock drafts. Some of them are completely full of BS and evidence that not many really follow or watch the Spurs. No, we don't need to burn a draft pick on a 6'0' point guard. 

What are our needs? I'd say another athletic wing and/or a big. Kawhi is magnificent, is the future, cannot play 48 min a night. Someone who can play the 2/3 and defend.....Tony Snell is a name I've seen with a reasonable expectation he will be available. And he's a HS teammate of Kawhi, so there you go. 

The only contract worth considering amnesty is Bonner and even then, he's reasonably cheap, a good teammate and community guy, and spreads the floor during the regular season. And yes, the regular season matters.....Not that winning 67 games is likel but games 6 and 7 ust now might have been alot different in the ATT Center. Bonner played stout D on Zbo and Gasol even in the WCF.

Many questions but I do not foresee an appreciable drop off in anyone. Tim is Tim and saved his best game for #6 in the finals.Some old dude for the Lakers was still winning into his 40's (Kareem) and while Tim isn't Kareem, he's got the fire and the ability to be a major piece for another year or two. Tony wasn't right after G3 and props to him for not making excuses. Kawhi will only get better, Danny has an identifiable(massive) hole in his game to work on (his handle and finishing skills)

The Spurs have just about the same chance of being right back here next year and obvious motivation to make about their 4th or 5th "last stand"

Lets see what happens but I can't wait to reload and come out fighting next season. 

1 year, 10 months ago on A look at the Spurs salary situation heading into next season