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Dwayne has never played in the pepper offense, but he had all last year of sitting in meetings to learn the ins and outs. Mental reps are still better than DHB. Maybe now with Allen back on the field, Coby will have more time to focus on learning to be 2nd string punter like he has always dreamed of. lol

I am skeptically optimistic about this season, of course I'm optimistic of just about every season. I think the offense is coming around. Which in turn will make the defense better due to knowing what the opposing team is probably going to do. Still think both sides of the ball need a couple key players to make it over the hump of mediocre.

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Epic Mullet. The yahoo sports app tells me they are indifferent to this mullet of 80's proportions though, and that Holmes has been giving most of the snaps at center. They have a enough offensive linemen on the team now to make any "All You Can Eat" buffet restaurant turn off their open sign. I would like to see both Thornton and Louis make the team. I hate every offensive lineman they drafted though. I want to be the blind faith "They have experts evaluate these players and they got the best bang for their buck" guy, but I just can't.

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I think the center starting job is Holmes' to lose. He knows the offense better than anyone else. It sucks having basically 3 or 4 rookie centers to chose from, but anyone has to be better than Satelle...maybe.

I like Griffer, but I don't see the Colts picking him over Brazil or Rogers. He could squeeze by with a punt returner job but I bet they go back to TY at that.

All in all I am ready for some football.

Nice job Marcus.

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I think Swoope has a chance to make the roster if he can tackle. Special teams and goal line/ short yardage plays would be his best bet. Much like they did with Daniel Adongo though, they're not just gonna throw him to the wolves on kick offs. He would get himself killed.

They got some centers in there that also stand a chance at making back up positions as well. I think a bunch of the preseason and possibly a first few games are gonna be "Who's number ____?"

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I predict a WWRGT article coming up in a couple weeks. For those of you who don't read all capital letters smashed together that is What Was Ryan Grigson Thinking. Hopefully there won't be very many of these moments to write about.

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When a friend who drives a Ford says there is something wrong with their car, I say "Go buy a new radiator cap." which means they should unscrew the radiator cap, drive a new car underneath it, and then screw the new cap back on. I wonder if there is some sort of operation for football players where you can do that? Some kind of frankenstein creature that has some of Trent Richardson's body parts, and a smarter backs brain. Hey, I wonder what Ahmad Bradshaw is doing with his? The point of this story is I like stories. Nice article @MarcusDugan

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I like Jared Abbrederis. He catches everything thing thrown at him. Of course, it is hard to judge anybody based off of a highlight reel. That would be like watching a DHB highlight reel of him making excellent catches and saying "Wow, that guy's tall and can catch." Wouldn't be a realistic assessment. 

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The whole article needs a like button. I don't necessarily want to comment on every article I read, just say I liked one and move on with my browsing. I enjoyed this one, and would like to see you guys continue it. Maybe even take questions from the peanut gallery?

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I would love to see a veteran receiver on the field again, but I don't see him being ready to go anytime this season. Don't want to rush anything and Trich it.

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also note very funny episode of the Pat Mcafee Show from with Sergio Brown on it this week.

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@Payton @BrianKlass @MarcusDugan Bob Lamey said he noticed Reggie Wayne practicing catching balls one handed with his right hand, so he asked him "Why are you doing that. Aren't you right handed?" He said he played baseball in high school and could catch just about anything with the left one handed, he wanted some practice catching stuff one handed with the right. That kind of dedication and practice is why Reg will be in Canton in the hall of fame and DHB will be in Maryland coaching High school football.

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@MarcusDugan Sergio Brown catches better with a cast on his hand *with a smiley face on it* than DHB does with his god given hands. Also did anyone else notice Mario "Destroyer of Buffets" Harvey in at Fullback? That was interesting to watch.

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Totally should have used a picture of David Reed taking a knee. Oh wait, you say there isn't a picture of that because he insisted on running it out of the end zone every time? I'm not going to miss him...unless this Rainey kid sucks more. yeesh!

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Seemed like every game Peyton's first drive was a 3 and out. I'm sure this wasn't the game plan (thank you Coby Fleener) but it did seem to give him a chance to see what the defense was showing and make his own little mental adjustments to it.

Also, I don't think Donald "upgraded to 5-7 yard" Brown would be a great starter. You need a bulk mass of muscle as first down back when they have the box loaded to push for the hard yards. Then Donnie comes in and knocks it out of the park with his elusiveness and speed. I also think he looks like a Goddamn genius compared to TRich because he is a veteran. He knows when to juke and when to just run at the hole as fast as you can. He definitely is a keeper as the third back behind Vick Ballard and TRich. Kinda like the Giants did when they had Bradshaw, Jacobs, and Ward.

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Anymore it seems, games where we just utterly dominate the opposition, are almost boring. Don't get me wrong, the first half of the texans game had the expletives flowing like wine at a wedding, but a close game, where we end up winning in the end, makes me happy. Mayhaps the Rams will provide an adequate, but not insurmountable challenge. A solid pass rush, with a mediocre offense makes for a low scoring, but do able game. 

The Colts WILL NEED to get on the same page on offense early. The first half offense almost seemed like a jaguars game, but the second was like we weren't even playing the same sport it was so good. 

Also keeping with tradition, I didn't start TY Hilton and he had a blowout game. You're welcome. Luckily, I also started Andre Johnson in an attempt to block his numbers, so that worked out pretty well for me.

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@mrpenney The players get fined for playing too reckless or trying to injure another player. The referees need to be fined for officiating terrible. That would put an end to some of their stupid calls and home field prejudices.

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@naptown_ninja @GregC @dav I've had to listen to the game at work rather than watch it at home, and it will continue this sunday night as well, but I think Sorgi does an okay job. He kind of gets excited and talks really fast because he wants to say everything he knows about playing qb in the 15 to 30 seconds Lamey gives him to talk. He does a good job, and is great for "this is what we used to do when I was a colt." It just cracks me up that he trips over his own words trying to get it all out. When he does TV interviews it's totally calm, cool, and collected.

Also, I remember Casey Kasem. His daughter Kerri Kasem is smoking hot.

This article was very funny too.

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@matt_has @MarcusDugan the more I hear Irsay say anything, the more I'm certain he's on coke.

He good news though. I'm taking one for the team and benching T.Y. Hilton this game so I can lose but he will have a tremendous game. You're welcome!

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@MarcusDugan I'm assuming you picked the picture where it looks like Freeman is potato sacking Wilson on purpose? (Potato sacking because Freeman doesn't teabag people.)

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This guy named studebaker better be built like a car or I will be upset with the irony gods. 

I've been tweeting like a madman. (though nothing like Irsay does) I don't want to be accused of having a boring Twitter account. Not that I know anyone that would call someone out on that *cough* @marcusdugan *cough*

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Hey we know you bailed our asses out by blocking the field goal in the game and have been playing remarkably well, but we going to have to let you go. Sorry for any inconvience.


Colts Management.

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If you're struggling in fantasy football and want to know who to pick, pick opposite of who I start. Guarantee your player will score like I don't know say 26 points. That might or might not be exactly how many points the benched T.Y. Hilton scored today.    -face. palm.-    

You're welcome Colts fans. I'm the reason T.Y. had such a big game. (Some of it might be due to talent.)

Fantasy Football aside that was an exciting game to watch. They started off slowly but then they had that huddle up on the sidelines and it seemed to get everyone on the same page. I think Pepper is starting to get that lame ass shit in college don't work with the NFL all the time.

Fingers crossed and optimistically going into San Diego.

Screw that Marcus Dugan tool, follow @theklassifieds  on twitter.

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I was so happy to see the colts put the hammer down and not just coast. They have a tendency of playing just good enough to beat whoever is in front of them. I think they should have went to the dummy-o squad a little sooner to avoid injuring someone important but it appeared to work out all right. Hopefully Bjoern and Havili aren't banged up too bad.

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@MarcusDugan @thellamajockey Once he get's better at wrapping up sacks on quarterbacks (in his defense, he's had to catch some really evasive qbs), then you will be looking at the Bjoern Supremacy.

1 year, 7 months ago on Surprise! The Colts Throttle San Francisco, 27-7


The Niners should change their nickname to the Noners. I told @MarcusDugan that I was so not looking forward to this game that I was making cookies during the first half. The cookies turned out much like the game: surprisingly good. 

Did any of you see T Riches schedule this week? Find out you got traded Tuesday, fly in at 6 am, pass a physical at 7 am, in the classroom learning blitzing pickups at 8 am on Wednesday. I think he will get better as he learns the playbook. He also said he has never been this tired before a game.

I think T Rich with Bradshaw makes an incredible 1-2 punch much like Bradshaw had with Jacobs. Too bad we don't have the offensive linemen that he had with the Giants.

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I think this Hitchhiker's Guide should be labeled "Don't Panic"


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The Grigster is quoted as saying T Rich has "suddenness" on his list of running back abilities. Sure he mentions all the other running back cool catchphrases like "downhill running" and "hard nosed" but suddenness people!! Who else has that?

This is kinda how I feel on the matter: Next year the colts were going to lose Donald "two yard" Brown and possibly Ahmad "No cool nickname yet" Bradshaw to contracts. So they were going to have to address the running back issue anyways. Why not get a proven first round draft pick with "suddenness" rather than roll the dice on a second or third round RB?

That being said, I wouldn't have minded a lower draft pick for a Tight End? Maybe a linebacker.

1 year, 7 months ago on The Trent Richardson Trade: A Closer Look


I think the Colts will bounce back from this game and play better on both sides of the ball for the Niners. It really makes you blender though, can they play competitively with this ridiculous offensive play calling?

1 year, 7 months ago on Colts Fall Short Against Miami, 24-20


This game was like watching your parents kissing. It's uncomfortable to watch and you don't know what to say after you've seen it. That being said there were some highlights. DHB playing like a first round draft pick. We ran the ball effectively a couple times. Defensively however had me yelling at the tv. I hope Dwayne Allen didn't re-injure his ankle. I definitely hope they get a good look at Miami and the  wildcat. The wildcat may be old news, but it's still a pretty effective way of confusing a defense just like the read option is. The next five games look like they will be hard fought, run orientated games, all with me yelling "stop him!' at the TV. Luckily, after this five game series of teams that run effectively either with a QB or RB comes that Peyton Manning guy. I heard he's pretty all right as well.

1 year, 7 months ago on Recap: Colts Edge Raiders at Home, 21-17


This was very well put together. I would love to see more of these to come. I also would like to see a Colts defense that can stop the run, work on that as well.

1 year, 8 months ago on CA Video Breakdown: Caesar Rayford's Big Night


@MarcusDugan @Heshdog33 I think he is gun shy. He got blindsided running across the middle and now he's looking forward for the contact and not looking the ball into his hands. There is a reason he is number two on the depth chart at tight end and it's not because he's the shit. Either he will catch some balls and get his confidence back or his new nickname will be Coby "stone hands" Fleener.

Could have taken a cheap shot at Pierre Garcon, Donnie Avery, or Darrius (hopefully not this year) Heyward-Bey here but I took the high road. Besides Coby "Avery" Fleener doesn't have that nice ring to it.

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Smash mouth this, and stop the run that. I will just be happy to have a defense that I don't have to hold my hands over my eyes like a little kid when the other team is on the 5 yard line. It's almost a "Here comes another score." moment every time they are any number and goal.

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@MarcusDugan Used to be out on catfish island everyone got a catch. Hopefully that has changed this year. I think Vaughn is fo' sho' a nickel package cornerback. Not someone you want starting against Megatron at all.

Last year was a roller coaster ride of "I like Vaughn." Then, "Oh I like Butler." Then "Wow Vontae Davis got good!' Followed by "Wait, what's leukemia?" Hopefully there is a little bit of consistency with Davis, Toler, Butler, and Vaughn.

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I'll tell you who's making some noise on defense and coincidently isn't mentioned in this fine article, Josh Chapman. Yesterday (that would be 7-31-13) he shoved Satele and McGlynn backwards, who fell into another guard and Tight End. So one dude knocked down four people. One word #powerhouse

Also I was glad to see some mention of DHB impressing a little bit today. I was afraid he was returning to his old Oakland "First round bust" days.

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@MarcusDugan Badgers don't scare me. But marsupials do. Because they're fast. And they dart.

Now as for the marsupial skills of Adongo, my first thoughts were "We can't sign him. We don't have nearly enough players with weird names this year." -See Crapfonso Thorpe-  

That being said, he could be a special teams tacklin' fool. 

I know two things about Rugby:

      1) Jack

      2) S#!t

So I don't know how it will transfer over to American NFL Football.

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@Kyle Rodriguez @AJ_ @Paytonaw man, I miss old gonzo. He was one of those players that got hurt off something stupid, like an out of bounds hit in the back, and lost his job over it. Then Austin Collie started producing and I was like "Gonzo who?" Now I miss Collie. Kinda makes me sound like I have ADD...hey is that a quarter on the ground?

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Donald "two yard" Brown's contract is up this year so he might be giving it the "old college try" to try and if not stay with us, then at least get picked up by another team. That being said, I would love to see him have a stand out year. I've always been a fan of him. That leaves a fourth spot for kick and punt return. (I hope they don't have T. Y. returning punts. He's too good to be taking extra hits on special teams.) Williams could be exceptional, and I'm looking forward to seeing if he can contribute. They had Dwayne Allen doing full back part time for his blocking ability, I would like to see him freed up to be a one-two punch at Tight End with a healthy Coby Fleener. All in all it should be an exciting season.

Whew that was a bunch of typing. Maybe I should be  a columnist here.

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Andrew Luck is Mr. Clutch, grace under pressure, Reggie Miller with 5 seconds on the clock at the three point line, Peyton Manning with 2 minutes and 2 time outs to play with, or whatever you want to call it. The dude is amazing and I'm glad he's a Colt.

1 year, 9 months ago on Andrew Luck's Sub-Two-Minute Drives: A Closer Look