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you call it faith; i call it arrogance. nowhere do i see an openness to change on the part of Josh Hamilton. the shift is on: Where's the bunt for a basehit? if the opposing team(s) see Hamilton using his noggin, they'd have to forego the infield shift giving him more space to swing away pulling the ball to the right side & providing more basehit potential. and not only that: What about swinging -- incessantly -- at the first pitch? he's got 2 strikes on him in no time! get deeper into the count! it'd make more sense presently to have Chris Iannetta hitting 2nd with his on-base pct. than Hamilton's 100 point lower differential. we want the Angels to do well & for that to happen we want Hamilton to do well: does he?

1 year, 10 months ago on Josh Hamilton, a crisis of faith